How To Make Extraordinary Kibble in ARK

Aside from the stronger creatures in the game, some stand out amongst them all, providing you with several benefits once tamed.

There are Griffins for damage or easy transportation while there are also Rock Elementals for raiding enemies’ bases, and the list goes on.

If you intend to tame these creatures, your best bet to get all the extra levels for them would be to tame them with Extraordinary Kibble.

Extraordinary Kibble Tames

Some of the rarest creatures require Extraordinary Kibble and once used with them, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the highest possible levels.

The following creatures can be tamed effectively with Extraordinary Kibble:

  • Astrocetus
  • Griffin
  • Megalania
  • Rock Elemental
  • Thylacoleo
  • Yutyrannus

Most of the creatures from the list above have special uses and are popular for their capabilities but taming them does require some patience and dedication.

How to Make Extraordinary Kibble (Recipe)

ARK Extraordinary Kibble

Extraordinary Kibble can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook.

Below are the Extraordinary Kibble ingredients:

The Extraordinary Kibble ID for spawning Extraordinary Kibble is: cheat gfi Kibble_Base_Special 1 0 0

Special Eggs List

If you want to have a good supply of Extraordinary Kibble, it would be important that you have some of the creatures (including male and female) that would lay these eggs.

The following are eggs that are classified as Special Eggs:

  • Crystal Wyvern Egg
  •  Deinonychus Egg
  •  Maewing Egg
  •  Golden Hesperornis Egg
  •  Magmasaur Egg
  •  Rock Drake Egg
  •  Voidwyrm Egg
  •  Wyvern Egg
  •  Yutyrannus Egg

Amongst the many creatures on the list, the Yutyrannus can be one of the more convenient ones to have as you can simply have a male and a couple of females.

Boosting their egg laying can be done by having an Oviraptor nearby to wander to provide you with better chances.

Extraordinary Kibble Description

“This specially blended pet food is a favorite of many exotic creatures. Containing only the finest natural ingredients, it provides pets with the balanced nutrition they need. And with a taste they can’t resist, they’ll warm up to you in no time! Not intended for human consumption.”


Extraordinary Kibble is not so easy to make but it can be once you have a good supply of Special Eggs, which in most cases would be to have some Yutyrannus.

Aside from having them, you could resort to going out to grab some of the eggs from the wild now and then whenever you need to make an Extraordinary Kibble.

By far, having a good amount of Yutyrannus is the best way to get Extraordinary Kibble and it is all worth it once you begin finding those maxed-out creatures.

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