How To Make Simple Kibble in ARK

As you progress in Ark Survival Evolved, you may find yourself needing to tame some of the more utility-based creatures.

Some of them may require food that does not always make the taming process quick, which is why it is sometimes best to resort to Simple Kibble.

Simple Kibble is a special taming food used to tame certain creatures in the game and is made from some of the smaller eggs dropped by Dinos.

Simple Kibble Tames

Simple Kibble or Small Egg kibble is used to tame most of the smaller creatures that can be found in the game but it does work on a few medium-sized ones as well.

The following creatures can be tamed effectively with Simple Kibble:

  • Archaeopteryx
  • Diplocaulus
  • Gallimimus
  • Iguanodon
  • Megaloceros
  • Morellatops
  • Pachy
  • Raptor
  • Triceratops
  • Giant Bee
  • Ichthyosaurus

Among all the abovementioned creatures, the Giant Bee and Ichthyosaurus are passively tamed, which requires you to put the Simple Kibble in your last item slot and feed it to them.

How to Make Simple Kibble (Recipe)

ARK Simple Kibble

The Simple Kibble can be cooked in a Cooking Pot or an Industrial Cooker, which must have a supply of water and fire to cook.

Below are the Simple Kibble ingredients:

  • 1 Small Egg
  • 1 Cooked Fish Meat
  • 5 Fiber
  • 5 Mejoberry
  • 2 Rockarrot
  • Water

The Simple Kibble ID for spawning Simple Kibble is: cheat gfi Kibble_Base_Small 1 0 0

Small Eggs List

The creatures that drop Small Eggs are a bit higher when it comes to their tier and a lot of creatures have what is considered to be those eggs, making it easy to farm.

The following are eggs that are classified as Small Eggs:

  • Archaeopteryx Egg
  • Camelsaurus Egg
  • Compy Egg
  • Dimorph Egg
  • Gallimimus Egg
  • Glowtail Egg
  • Hesperornis Egg
  • Microraptor Egg
  • Oviraptor Egg
  • Pachycephalosaurus Egg
  • Pegomastax Egg
  • Pteranodon Egg
  • Raptor Egg
  • Tek Raptor Egg
  • Tek Trike Egg
  • Trike Egg
  • Sinomacrops Egg

Simple Kibble Description

“This pet food recipe has been carefully designed to give balanced nutrition to many small creatures. Includes plant fibers to help with digestion and egg to bind the mix. Humans have difficulty digesting this.”


Some of the creatures that you can tame with Simple Kibble can be very situational and most are good starting creatures.

A few good mentions would be the Raptor for its speed and relentless attack or the Trike with its ability to farm berries and defend against large predators.

While you may not be taming some of these early on, it may be a good idea to set some Simple Kibble aside just in case you find a high-level creature of your choice.

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