ARK: How to Get Amargasaurus Spike

Amargasaurus Spike

Amargasaurus Spike is a resource that was introduced when the Lost Island DLC came out, being a resource that you can obtain from the Amargasaurus.

This item is described to be a type of Keratin Spike which can be taken from the Amargasaurus but there is no need to worry, they grow back.

While it is said that most of the abilities of the spike are no longer active, the Amargasaurus Spike may be used for Sap collection.

How to Get Amargasaurus Spike?

To get an Amargasaurus Spike, you will need to approach a tamed Amargasauras and use the selection wheel to choose the “Retrieve Spike” option.

This will collect an Amargasaurus Spike from your Amargasaurus and you will notice that a spike on its back will be missing.

As long as there are spikes present, you will be able to collect Amargasaurus Spikes from your tames and after a while, these will grow back.

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Best Way to Farm Amargasaurus Spike

If you need several Amargasaurus Spikes, you can tame multiple Amargasaurus or breed them to get more sources.

The more Amargasaurus you have, the more Amargasaurus Spikes you can collect within a shorter amount of time.

You can effectively collect several Amargasaurus Spikes in minutes by lining up a few Amargasaurus and collecting as much as possible from them.

Amargasaurus Spike Uses

Amargasaurus Spikes may be placed into a Sap Tap to speed up the process of the tree generating Sap in its inventory.

When crafting the Amargasaurus Saddle, you will need to have 6x Amargasaurus Spikes along with the other crafting resources.


Amargasaurus Spikes are easy to get as long as you can tame at least one Amargasaurus and since there are not many uses for them, one or two may be enough.

Should you require a lot of Amargasaurus Spikes, you can tame several Amargasaurus and collect from each one of them, moving to the next when one runs out.

Sap has some important uses in Ark and if you have Amargasaurus Spikes to be placed in Sap Taps, you can get a good supply of it.

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