Ark Featherlight (How to Tame, Drops, Food, Location…)

Ark Featherlight

The Microluminous Alectryon is a small herbivore from an unknown time period with a passive temperament.

These beautiful bird-like creatures can be seen flying around, minding their own business and shining brightly as they explore areas.

Featherlight will not attack its aggressors and will instead attempt to fly away the slightest chance it gets.

A human can freely approach these beautiful creatures and tame them easily by feeding them food which they will accept calmly.

Although the Featherlight is incapable of dealing a lot of damage, it does provide protection from certain creatures like the Nameless and Reapers which tribes utilize when traveling.


Dossier Summary

Many survivors consider the Featherlight to be one of the most beautiful creatures they have seen due to the beautiful light that it gives off.

Some would consider this creature to be related to a species of owls but they would be mistaken as this creature is a herbivore and a very docile one as a matter of fact.

Its sheer beauty and ability to illuminate places around its owner have made it a favorite pet for those who go exploring into dark areas.

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1) Illuminate

The Featherlight is capable of illuminating an area around the player which weakens Reapers and Nameless, making it a key for survival against such foes.

Activating this will consume Charge which will regenerate once it has been deactivated.

2) Detect Enemies/Max Level Creatures

In the Presence of higher level creatures and enemies that can be a threat, the Featherlight will alert its master.

This can be shown by an icon on the survivors HUD which glows yellow for max level creatures and red for enemies.


Charge Light Pet

Has the ability to use its Charge to illuminate areas, weakening Nameless and Reapers as well as providing a source of light.


Provides light for players to see well in dark areas and to keep foes that lurk in maps such as Aberration weakened to avoid being overpowered.

How to Tame Featherlight?

To tame a Featherlight, simply move close to it with food that it eats (equipped in last item slot) and feed it to the creature.

Repeat this until the taming bar is full and the Featherlight will then be your loyal companion.


Other Food

  • Plant Species Z Seed
  • Auric Mushroom
  • Amarberry Seed
  • Citronal Seed


Not Rideable

A Featherlight is too small to be ridden but they can accompany you by staying on your shoulder.



Upon mating, a Fertilized Featherlight Egg will be dropped by the female which can be distinguished by its light blue color with pink spots.


Resources Harvested From Featherlight Body

  • Hide
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat


Featherlights may be seen in the southern parts of Aberration and north east parts of Valguero.

Maps where the Featherlight spawns:

  • Aberration
  • Valguero

Featherlight Spawn Location:

The following are spawn maps where the Featherlight can be found



A base illuminated by a Featherlight is quite the sight to see and pretty much better than nothing which makes it a good starting pet for new survivors.

Featherlights share the same role with other charge light creatures and can help against the threats that lurk within Aberration.

They may not be fighters or have the survival of most creatures but these beautiful birds can come in handy when Reapers or Nameless are on your tail and can give you and your other tames a fighting chance against them.

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