Ark Dung Beetle (How to Tame, Drops, Food, Location…)

Ark Dung Beetle

The Scarabidae Gigas is a coprophagic insect from the Holocene epoch that has a passive temperament.

Dung Beetles are one of the strangest creatures found in the Ark and are surprisingly larger than most insects one could come across.

These insects will be seen wandering around peacefully but do become targeted by other predators and due to its responsive nature, it will attempt to fight back whenever it or any other Dung Beetles are threatened.

A Dung Beetle will not necessarily attack humans but in the event that they get too close, annoying or show any sign of threat towards a Dung Beetle or its fellow insect, they do attempt to attack.

Survivors have found ways to tame these insects and use their ability to convert feces into Fertilizer and Oil as an advantage and resource, making it very useful for those who wish to grow crops.


Dossier Summary

Considered to be a creature for advanced tribes due to their ability to aid with cultivation which survivors utilize for growing crops that they harvest.

For some reason, the Dung Beetle is capable of converting feces into not only fertilizer but an oily byproduct which is also found in the oceans that survivors may utilize for crafting.

Most survivors do not understand that the Dung Beetle has a lot to offer such as its fertilizer for the crops they use to make strong narcotics or for their delicious recipes and the oil for crafting and even conversion into gas.

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Fertilizer and Oil Production

A Dung Beetle is capable of producing Fertilizer for crops and oil as a temporary source if it is unavailable near players.

Leaving feces in its inventory will eventually cause it to consume it and later on produce the Oil and Fertilizer based on the size of the feces.


Resource Provider

At the simple cost of the feces of different creatures, Dung Beetles are capable of providing a substantial amount of Fertilizer to be used for crops and extra oil for crafting purposes.

How to Tame Dung Beetle?

Dung Beetles are passive tames and can easily be fed feces once equipped in the last slot of your inventory.

Simply move up to the Dung Beetle but avoid getting too close that you collide with it as this can turn it aggressive towards you.

When you are near the Dung Beetle feed it the feces (the larger the feces, the faster it gets tamed) and repeat until it is tamed.


Other Food

  • Large Animal Feces
  • Medium Animal Feces
  • Spoiled Meat
  • Small Animal Feces
  • Human Feces
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat


Not Rideable

Like any insect, the Dung Beetle is easily squashed (killed) by anything and therefore it obviously can’t be ridden but they still can be picked up by survivors and tames.


Cannot Breed

Dung Beetles cannot breed and in the event that several are needed, taming more would be the best choice.


Resources Harvested From Dung Beetle Body

  • Chitin
  • Raw Meat


Aberrant Dung Beetle

The Aberrant Dung Beetle can only be found in the Aberration map.


Dung Beetles can usually be found crawling in dark caves or very warm places.

Maps where the Dung Beetle spawns:

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

Dung Beetle Spawn Location:

The following are spawn maps where the Dung Beetle can be found

The Island:

The Center:

Scorched Earth:



Aberrant Dung Beetle Spawn Location: The Aberrant Dung Beetle only spawns in the Aberration map.



Dung Beetles may not be the best tames to have in a tribe unless one plans to grow crops and they do well as a replacement for compost bins or help a lot as an addition.

These insects are very slow and do not provide much offense aside from the knockback which may be helpful if they get up close to enemies who are sneaking around to knock them back and possibly put them in turret range.

If you aim to farm a lot of crops and even maintain a base with Plant Species in or around it, a Dung Beetle is definitely a good choice for a tame to be kept away in your base.

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