Twin Spires Upon the Sands (Optional Quest) in MHW

mhw Twin Spires Upon the Sands optional quest

  • Quest Type: Optional Quest
  • Quest Location: Wildspire Waste
  • Quest Rank: 5

Rumor has it that a species of insects survives by burrowing into the tail of a Diablos and this is further to be investigated by the Chief Ecologist and the research team.

In order to be sure of this information, the Chief Ecologist has asked you to obtain the tail of a Diablos which will be examined once you bring it back.

You will need to head to the Wildspire Waste and slay a Diablos to ensure that its tail may be brought back to the research team.

Quest Info

  • Quest Type: Hunting Quest
  • Objective: Hunt a Diablos
  • Quest Giver: Chief Ecologist (Quest Board)

Other Monsters:

  • Apceros
  • Gajau
  • Kestodon
  • Noios


Begin the quest in Northeast Camp (15) and make your way to the exit leading to Sector 13 which is where the Diablos is usually found.

Proceed by attacking the monster until you deal enough damage to either kill it or force it to retreat and repeat this until you bring its health low.

While fighting the Diablos, it may run off to different sectors but it will eventually retreat back to its nest or further into it.

Chase after the Diablos and finish it off to end the quest.

Quest Rewards

The Twin Spires Upon The Sands quest will be complete once the Diablos has been slain and you will receive 5,400 Zenny as a reward.


  • Starting out in Northeast Camp (15) will allow you to start near the Diablos’ nest faster as well as head to it once it retreats when its health is low.
  • Watch out for when the monster burrows as it may chase after you and pop out of the ground to knock you over.
  • You can temporarily disable the Diablos by attacking or interacting with the flashflies within its nesting area.
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