Phasmophobia IRL Journal

This app will help you keep track of the in-game objectives and ghost information.

It contains everything within the in-game journal, while allowing you to narrow down your ghost.

Use on your phone or on a second screen.

Navigate to on your phone or pc browser.

When you load into your van, stare at the whiteboard and simply input the ghost’s name, objectives, and whether it’s an alone ghost or not.

While hunting, click the evidences that you find. The app will automatically eliminate evidence and ghost possibilities.

When you’d like information on a certain ghost type, click the respective ghost’s name and you’ll be provided with useful information about that ghost.

If you’d like a recap of the in-game tutorial, click on the remote at the bottom, it contains all the steps to ghost hunting that was shown on the television.

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Written by: Jerh

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