Easy Red 2: Settings (Graphics, Gameplay & Controls)

If you are an Easy Red 2 player, then this content will help you to play the game very well without much trouble.

Easy Red 2

Graphics Settings:

First of all before you land in a mission, Check your settings and tweak them to suite your preference:
Graphics settings are flexible, You can disables shadows, HD Grass and DoF to improve performance and get high FPS, Also there’s a render scale slider which can help improve performance on low end PCs, last but not least there’s an FPS limiter up to 240FPS depending on your monitor’s refresh rate, AI CPU Consumption can be tweaked to suite your processor’s power, For example if you have a dual core CPU, Put AI CPU Consumption at min to save CPU resources which results in better performance to an extent but for the compromise of making AI less responsive and slower in terms of path-finding calculation,


In this tab you’ll find audio settings and language selection, Tweak them as you desire!

Gameplay Settings:

In gameplay section you can enable or disable HUD, Show hitmarker and invert axis, You can also adjust FoV, Mouse sensitivity, Objects despawn time and max units value.


Controls are basically key bindings as the following:


Healing and Inventory System:

Now let’s learn some gameplay basics:


When the screen turns B&W it means you’re injured and if you don’t heal you’ll die, So press i and click on bandages then click stop bleeding, Voilà the B&W effect is gone.


The inventory system in Easy Red 2 is dead easy, You can check if you have enough ammo or bandages to heal, If you run out of ammo and bandages just get nearby any dead body (doesn’t need to be an enemy) and press i to open the dead body’s inventory, Then click on the items you need, You can also have a secondary weapon which you can switch to by scrolling up or down, Also you can refile magazine with the suitable ammo type, And you can attach scopes or any suitable attachment.


In order to take control of your AI squad you must be an officer AKA squad leader, Press TAB and an orders-menu shows up, You can order squad to follow you, hold a specific position, form a line…etc


The weapon selection in Easy Red 2 is great, And each role has a specific gun to suite his role-play, For example the squad leader will have an assault rifle or SMG with grenade and smoke grenade, And riflemen will have a rifle with one grenade…etc

Here are the current available weapons in Easy Red 2:

•M1 Garand
•Thompson a1 •Thompson m1919 •MM1 Carbine •B.A.R
•Browning 30cal •Springfield 1903 •M1 Bazooka •M3 Grease Gun
•Sten MK2 •Lanchester •Bren MG •Enfield
•Kar98 •MP40 •MP44 •MG42
•FG42 •Gewehr 43 •Panzershreck •Arisaka 91
•Type 100 sub mg.

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