Among Us: Dos & Dont’s

I want to share with you what you should and shouldn’t do in Among Us!


1. Don’t leave the lobby after the game starts. If you are not Impostor, let others enjoy the moment.

2. If you’re the host, don’t make the game’s bizarre settings. Speed over 2 is already too fast in most cases. Personally, I recommend 1.5.

3. Do balanced tasks! When you are playing with 10 people, it set more. When there are too few tasks, the Impostor has no chance of winning, and when there are too many tasks, the Crewmates have no chance.

4. Do not cheat! If you’re talking to a friend on Discord, don’t tell him who killed you. You ruin your own and others’ fun.
4.1. If your friend tells you who killed him, don’t write it to everyone! This is still cheating and spoiling the fun.

5. Don’t use any cheats. Using them in other games is already bad, however to use them for a game like Among Us you must be a really spoiled human being.


1. Do not blame anyone for no reason. You spoil that person’s game and help the Impostors win.

2. When someone is accused, let them explain themselves. Perhaps he is being set up by Impostor.

3. Don’t use Emergency Meeting for no reason! You waste your and other people’s time. Only do it when you have a reason.

4. Try to do visual tasks in front of others! This is your chance for a solid alibi.

5. If someone doesn’t run to fix the sabotage, it doesn’t mean they’re Impostor! Maybe he figured enough people had gone to fix it, so he went back to doing tasks.

6. If you’ve been killed or kicked, don’t leave the game! You can still finish your tasks, thus helping your team win.


1. Don’t be reckless! Be careful where and when you kill. All it takes is a minute and you’ll be caught or charged with murder.

2. Use sabotage! Not only the lights are your sabotage. Remember about the reactor, communication and o2.

3. Also remember to close the door. You could gain precious seconds on this.

4. Try to work with a partner! Cooperation often allows for a quick win.

5. If you’ve been spotted and kicked out, don’t leave the game! You are still a great support to your partner. You can still sabotage things and walk through walls.

6. Don’t tell who your partner is! He still has a chance to win the game with your help, and you let him have fun.

Visual Tasks:

Here are all the visual tasks, and what they look like:


Maps: Only The Skeld


Maps: The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus


Maps: The Skeld, Polus (It’s also on Mira HQ, but it’s not a visual task there)


Maps: Only The Skeld

When the first player who has this task completes it, the shields activate. When another player does the task after a player has already activated it, it blinks.

Map plans:

The Skeld:
Mira HQ:

Vitals (Polus):

As you know, we have vitals on Polus. Here is a little description and a trick.


  • Green vital: Alive
  • Red vital: Dead
  • Gray vital: Disconnected


Apart from this guide, if you want us to cover any other guide related to the game “Among Us” do let us know in the comment section. We’re happy to do that for our readers. We’ve also covered few more guides related to this game, kindly check the related posts section below.

Written by: Velcos Aremandru

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