Genshin Impact Mine Craft World Quest

Genshin Mine Craft (World Quest)

As an adventurer in Teyvat, you will need to obtain certain materials to craft some of the items you will need.

Some of the materials needed must be mined and no one knows better than Wagner the blacksmith, who you should speak to about it.

Wagner will be able to give you some good detail about mining and after this world quest, he may sometimes assist you in finding good spots.

How To Get Mine Craft Quest?

The Mine Craft world quest can be obtained sometime after you have progressed in the game and Wagner will have a world quest marker above him.

Mine Craft Quest Objectives

Talk To Wagner

The quest is very easy to complete and all you will need to do is speak to Wagner and he will tell you about some good spots he knows for mining.

During the dialogue with Wagner, he will give a small explanation regarding mining and will afterward mark a few spots on your map.

This will show a mining marker on your map which is where there are rich nodes in the area which you can mine.

Once you have finished talking to Wagner, he will have already placed 3 markers on your map which will show the location of where you can mine.

After speaking with Wagner the quest will be finished and you can freely go to the spots if you wish to mine the resources.

Mine Craft Quest Rewards

Once you have spoken to Wagner and he has marked the locations on your map, Mine Craft quest will be over and you will receive the following:

  • 100,000 Mora
  • 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore

This will also unlock the option to speak with Wagner or any other blacksmith once a day to find out where valuable ore may be found.


Now that Wagner has made things clear about mining, he was kind enough to even let you know where a lot of ore can be found.

This will be helpful in the future as you can ask any blacksmith from hereon where there are good amounts of ore and they will mark them on your map.

Whenever a location is marked, this will also be considered a normal farming location and the resources will respawn regardless if you ask the blacksmiths for locations.

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