How To Get Perpetual Heart in Genshin Impact

Genshin Perpetual Heart

Genshin Impact introduces a lot of characters and some of them have certain requirements when it comes to ascending, such as the Perpetual Heart.

This Character Ascension material appears to have both Geo and Cryo properties, making it specifically needed for certain characters.

While the Perpetual Heart may be easy to use and needed in larger amounts, it may take more effort to obtain a lot of them.

Where to Get Perpetual Heart?

The Perpetual Heart can only be obtained by defeating a boss, who can be found to the north of Narukami Island

You must defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array to receive it as a reward but will need to find the location by entering a portal.

The portal that leads to the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss fight area can be found on Jinren Island, which is also north of Narukami Island.

How to Get Perpetual Heart?

Once you arrive in the Perpetual Mechanical Arrays boss fight area, you will need to fight it just as you would a Hypostasis as it has similar movements.

What is different is that this boss is more mechanical than elemental and will use different attacks from afar as well as close range.

When its health is damaged to a certain point, it will spawn other mechanical enemies and you will need to target the right one (use elemental sight) to shut them down.

Once you have gotten rid of its spawn, you can continue damaging it and will need to repeat this until you have defeated it.

After defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Array, you will be able to interact with a Trounce Blossom to receive rewards, including the Perpetual Heart in exchange for 40 Original Resin.

Perpetual Heart Uses

Perpetual Heart is required for the ascension of certain characters and will be consumed once the action has been completed.

Aside from being used to ascend characters, Perpetual Heart does not have any other uses and seems to exist only for such a reason.

Characters That Use Perpetual Heart

There are currently 2 characters in Genshin Impact that can be ascended using the Perpetual Heart, but they are different when it comes to their Vision.

The following characters require Perpetual Heart to ascend:

  • Gorou
  • Ayaka


Obtaining Perpetual Heart is no easy task at first, especially if you have not played through the storyline in Inazuma, which will prevent you from teleporting back to the boss fight area.

By the time you reach Inazuma, you will already have increased your World Level and should be able to get more than one Perpetual Heart per fight.

It would be best to bring a strong team that can cause elemental reactions as well as disables the other enemies as the fight can be quite gruesome.

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