Genshin Impact How to Get Iron Chunk

Genshin Impact Iron Chunk

“This Iron Chunk can be turned into a multitude of handy items in the hands of a skilled craftsman.”

Iron Chunk is a type of Forging Ore that can be obtained early on in the game and is used for Forging, Wood Converting and Furnishings.

You can easily farm Iron Chunk in several areas of the map, which make it one of the easier Forging Ores that you can get in the game.

Where to Get Iron Chunk?

Nodes that drop Iron Chunks can be found all around the Teyvat region and spawn almost everywhere around the map. Most of these can be found in Windrise, Starfell Lake, Storm Terror’s Lair and some can be found scattered in other areas.

How to Get Iron Chunk?

There will be huge rocks that you can find in most of the areas in the map, which can be broken and will drop Iron Chunks.

It is possible to obtain more than one when you destroy a larger rock, allowing you to get even more Iron Chunks.

To break these rocks, you will need to use your basic attack until they are destroyed which will make them drop an Iron Chunk or more.

Iron Chunk Uses

The following are the current uses for Iron chunks, which mostly involve Forging, Wood Converting and Furnishings:


  • Adepti Seeker’s Stove
  • Enhancement Ore

Wood Converting

  • Adhigama Wood Adhigama Wood
  • Aralia Wood Aralia Wood
  • Bamboo Segment Bamboo Segment
  • Birch Wood Birch Wood
  • Brightwood Brightwood
  • Cuihua Wood Cuihua Wood
  • Fir Wood Fir Wood
  • Fragrant Cedar Wood Fragrant Cedar Wood
  • Karmaphala Wood Karmaphala Wood
  • Maple Wood Maple Wood
  • Otogi Wood Otogi Wood
  • Pine Wood Pine Wood
  • Sandbearer Wood Sandbearer Wood
  • Yumemiru Wood Yumemiru Wood


  • Bird and Blossom Design Fountain
  • Brightwood Kebab Cart
  • Camp Bonfire: Glorious Clarity
  • Camp Dwelling: Shoring Up
  • Camp Tent: Timely Tactics
  • Common Cast Iron Stove
  • Dripping Verdant Light
  • Glowstone Parasol
  • Golden Triple-Arm Candelabrum
  • Hardened Glazed Vase
  • Heavy-Duty Restaurant Stove
  • Hilichurl Horned Pot
  • Kokutan Thick-Walled Clay Water Tank
  • Large Stone Mill
  • Of Fields Green: Clear Spring Fountain
  • Open-Air Workshop
  • Plain Vase: Bronze
  • Plain Vase: Sepia
  • Plain Vase: Tawny
  • Portable Stove
  • Pure Gorgeous Summer
  • Red-Iron Coral
  • Seashell Table Lamp
  • Slumbering Dewlight
  • Square Yumemiru Stool
  • Stone Lantern: Fudoumyou’s Light
  • Stoneworks Crane: Hill Tamer
  • Stoneworks Crane: Mountain Mover
  • Stoneworks Lamp: Deeping-Gloom Candle
  • Teahouse Vessel: Scent-Sealer
  • The Eremites’ Flame of Vigor
  • Trusty Portable Lamp
  • Two-Tier Candle Chandelier
  • Village Well: Subterranean Secrets
  • Village Well: Underground Spring
  • Well-Worn Sword
  • Wide Stone Stove
  • Witch’s Chorus
  • Wrought Iron Carved Street Light


Farming Iron Chunks is quite easy as all you have to do is find ore to destroy, usually granting you 1 – 3 Iron Chunks when broken.

Iron Chunks are important for crafting Enhancement Ore which allows you to improve your weapon by adding Weapon Exp to it.

Another important use is for crafting the Adepti’s Stove which lets you cook anywhere when you are not in town or near a cooking site.


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