Genshin Impact Glide With The Wind Quest

Genshin Impact Glide With The Wind

The Glide with the wind quest sets you on your way to obtaining a Gliding License from Amber, which is required by law in Mondstadt.

During this quest, Amber will give you the Gliding Instruction Manual for your wind glider, which she says you need to be familiar with.

This is the one of the first quests that you will need to partake in order to obtain your official Gliding License in Genshin Impact.

How To Get Glide With The Wind Quest?

The Glide with the Wind quest is the first quest that you obtain after you have finished Prologue: Act 1 – The Outlander Who Caught the Wind and have reached Adventure Rank 8.

Glide With The Wind Quest Objectives

Talk to Amber

The only objective during this quest is to talk to Amber, who will be waiting back at Mondstadt. 

After you reach Amber, she gives you the Gliding Instruction Manual which can help you throughout your wind glider exam.

Amber discusses a matter of your Wind Glider License, and that you need to pass the examination that she will give  for you to get your Gliding License.

Amber leaves you and you start reading your gliding instruction manual with Paimon and cutscene begins to play.

Once the cutscene has finished, you and Paimon will speak about how weird the Gliding Instruction Manual is and Paimon will suggest you look for Amber.

After speaking to Paimon, Lepus Chapter: Act 1 – Wind, Courage and Wings will have started, concluding the quest.

Glide With The Wind Rewards

After you have completed the Glide with the Wind quest, you will receive Adventure EXP, Mora and other rewards.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 125 Adventure EXP
  • 2750 Mora

Additionally, you will receive:

  • 1 Prototype Rancor
  • 7 Wanderer’s Advice
  • 3 Fine Enhancement Ore


Now that you have completed this quest, you will be familiarized with the fact that everyone in Mondstadt must have their own Wind Glider License.

It appears that you have been illegally gliding all over the place and people have witnessed this, which is prohibited by the Knights of Favonius.

This quest has set you off on your way to taking Amber’s exam in order to get your official Wind Gliding License so you won’t run into any troubles in the future.

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