Genshin Impact Dragon Storm Quest

Genshin Impact Dragon Storm

Jumping off from the last quest, The City of Freedom, you’ll be gliding up in the air and be in pursuit of Stormterror.. 

During this quest, you will be fighting Stormterror for the very first time and will afterward get to meet the Knights of Favonius..

Amber will introduce you to another member of Knight of Favonius, who is Kaeya, a Cavalry Captain who later on will be able to join you some time in a later quest.

How To Get Dragon Storm Quest?

The Dragon Storm quest begins immediately after the cutscene where you are launched into the air by Stormterror, which happens after the City of Freedom quest.

Dragon Storm Quest Objectives

1) Fend off Stormterror

After the cutscene you fight with Stormterror by simply aiming and attacking it.

Keep firing until his health goes down and eventually he will flee the area and you will drop down from the sky.

Another cutscene will play showing you gliding down and Amber will approach you to check on you followed by the Cavalry Captain, Kaeya.

2) Go to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters

Kaeya will invite you to the Knight of Favonius headquarters where you will meet the other members.

After having a conversation with kaya, you will need to enter the Knights of Favonius Headquarters which will be nearby marked by a waypoint.

At this point, the Dressing Room features will be unlocked and a quick tutorial will begin on how to use it to alter your character’s appearance.

Dragon Storm Rewards

After completing Dragon Storm quest, you will receive the Character EXP, Adventure EXP and Mora in the following amounts:

The rewards come in the following quantity:

  • 1250 Character EXP
  • 275 Adventure EXP
  • 2400 Mora

Additionally you will also receive:

  • 20 Primogem

Completing this quest also unlocks the Dressing Room feature.


You successfully finished the fended off Stormterror during the Dragon Storm quest and have also met one of the members of Knight of Favonius. 

After completing the quest, the Dressing Room function has been unlocked, which allows you to alter your appearance by changing your outfits.

Now that Stormterror has been fended off, things may be a little safer for now and it is up to you and the Knights of Favonius to find a solution to this big blue problem.


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