Genshin Impact City of Freedom Quest

Genshin Impact City of Freedom Quest

City of Freedom begins after you enter the city of Mondstadt where a cutscene will play showing the view of Mondstadt.

Amber will welcome you to the city and assures you that all the travelers will be under protection of the Knights of Favonius.

During this quest you will get to see Mondstadt up close for the first time but a dangerous encounter awaits you once this happens.

How To Get City of Freedom Quest?

You will get the City of Freedom quest right after you have reached the city of Mondstadt, which is after completing the Going Upon the Breeze quest.

City of Freedom Quest Objectives

1) Go o the Location Designated by Amber

Amber will have pointed out a designated location, which is the high ground of the city of Mondstadt.

Once you have reached the location, you’ll receive your reward from Amber which is a Wind Glider that will now allow you to glide. 

After receiving the Wind Glider, Amber wants you to experience how to use your Wind Glider, which requires you follow her instructions carefully.

2) Meet Amber at the Fountain Plaza

After receiving your Wind Glider, you need to meet Amber at the Fountain Plaza by using it to go down. 

Continue making your way towards Amber’s location at the bottom of the city to meet her at the Fountain Plaza.

City of Freedom Rewards

During the City of Freedom quest, you obtain a Wind Glider which will now allow you to glide through the air, which is useful to prevent fall damage and reach certain areas.


Aside from seeing the view of the City of Mondstadt, you also learned how to use your Wind Glider and can now use it whenever you are out in the open..

After meeting Amber at the Fountain Plaza, something happens in the sky as Stormterror appears and creates a tornado that sends you up in the sky.

Just as you arrived in Mondstadt, it appears you will have to face off with this giant foe as you now have no choice.

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