Genshin Impact Dr. Livingstone’s Transport Request Quest

Dr. Livingstone's Transport Request (Repeatable World Quest)

Dr. Livingstone’s Transport Request is a repeatable World Quest that can randomly appear in Genshin Impact, which involves you making a delivery for Dr. Livingstone.

While you are traveling around different areas in Mondstadt, this repeatable World Quest may begin at any given time.

During this quest, Dr. Livingstone will need your help in delivering a certain package to Edith since something has come up.

How To Get Dr. Livingstone’s Transport Request Quest?

This repeatable World Quest can be activated at any random time while you are in Mondstadt, starting immediately.

Once the quest appears, you simply need to approach Dr. Livingstone who will be nearby to accept it, or else the quest may disappear if you venture off too far.

Dr.Livingstone’s Transport Request Quest Objectives

1) Talk to Dr. Livingstone

Once the quest pops up, you will be able to find Dr. Livingstone nearby and may start the quest by speaking with her.

Take note that if you are too far or take too much time, the quest may disappear and you will have lost the opportunity.

After speaking with Dr. Livingstone, she will have asked you for the favor of delivering some goods to Dr. Edith as something has come up and prevented her from doing so.

2) Deliver the Goods to Dr. Edith

When you have finished talking to Dr. Livingstone, the location where you can find Dr. Edith will be marked on your map.

You can check her location and use a Teleport Waypoint to get to her location faster, otherwise, you will need to walk all the way.

Once you reach Dr. Edith’s location, simply speak with her and she will thank you for delivering the goods, ending the quest afterward.

Dr. Livingstone’s Transport Request Rewards

For completing Dr. Livingstone’s Transport request, you may receive Companionship EXP and Mora, which may be doubled when playing in Co-Op Mode.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 10 -15 Companionship EXP
  • 1055 – 1936 Mora
  • 0 – 2 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • 0 – 2 Mystic Enhancement Ore


While doing your usual routines, you ran into Dr. Livingstone who was thankful that you were there at the current time.

She needed your help as she was preoccupied and was unable to deliver a certain set of goods to Dr. Edith right away.

Luckily, you were around and were able to carry out this task for her, which in return got you a couple of rewards in the process.

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