Genshin Impact Collector of Anemo Sigils Quest

Genshin Impact Collector of Anemo Sigils

While you are out on your adventures defeating enemies and collecting all sorts of resources, you will eventually stumble upon Anemo Sigils.

As you are journeying through Mondstadt, you may obtain this quest when reaching a certain rank, which later on brings it up.

This quest is a tutorial that involves Marjorie, who owns a Souvenir Shop called “With Winds Comes Glory”.

How To Get Collector of Anemo Sigils Quest?

Once you have obtained Anemo Sigils and have reached Adventure Rank 9, Collector of Anemo Sigils quest will appear when you are anywhere within the area of Mondstadt.

Collector of Anemo Sigils Quest Objectives

Talk to the Shop Owner, Marjorie

The only objective in this quest is to head over to Marjorie, who is in front of the “With Wind Comes Glory” Souvenir Shop.

Once you arrive at Marjorie’s location, Paimon will notice the shop and find it interesting, telling you to see what they are selling.

Marjorie will welcome you to the shop and you can afterward take a look at what she has, which is meant to introduce players to the Souvenir Shop items.

These may include important items such as Character Ascension Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Constellation Activation Materials, and more.

You don’t need to buy anything and once you close the shop, the quest will be completed.

Collector of Anemo Sigils Quest Rewards

The Collector of Anemo Sigils quest seems to give no rewards other than to show players how to purchase from the Souvenir Shop. This should give you an idea of where you can get certain materials needed later on in the game which can be purchased with Anemo Sigils.


You may have wondered what the Anemo Sigils are for and by the end of this quest you should now know what you can do with them.

Purchasing certain items from shops is a good way to save time and get things that cannot be farmed out in the open.

You learn in this quest that Anemo Sigils are exchanged for various items that you can find in the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt.


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