How to Get Override Frequency in Destiny 2 (Season of the Seraph)

Destiny 2 Override Frequency

During the Season of the Seraph, you are tasked with doing several tasks that will help restore the Warmind. One of the things you will need to do is to find Warmind Nodes but this is not as easy as going to one place after the other.

To find out where you need to go, you will need Override Frequencies, which will help you find the Warmind Nodes.

Where to Get Override Frequency?

Override Frequencies are not farmed anywhere but instead, you make them use the Resonance Amp once you have enough Resonant Stems.

How to Get Override Frequency?

Override Frequency can be obtained once you have started the Season of the Seraph and are usually obtained when you proceed with the Seasonal Quest.

During one of the earlier quest steps of the More Than A Weapon Seasonal Quest, you will need to do a Heist Battleground activity, which can be your first way to get Override Frequency.

As you progress through Season of the Seraph, you will be able to obtain Override Frequency by doing various activities.

It is stated in the game that Ritual Playlist activities are the most efficient source, but Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard strikes are good too.

Other activities can also provide an amount of Override Frequency based on which ones you choose to do with more tedious ones providing more.

Purchasing the Seraph Key Code Combatants upgrade from the Exo Frame will give a chance for them to drop when enemies are killed.

Override Frequency Use

Once you have an Override Frequency, you will be able to locate a Warmind Node and this will be possible by checking the hint on the Resonance Amp.

Each Override Frequency will provide you with a different hint at random, giving you an idea of where you can find a Warmind Node.

Once you find the Warmind Node, you can interact with it, which will consume the Override Frequency and provide you with rewards.

Best Way To Make Override Frequency

If you are after the Warmind Nodes, it can be quite a pain to jump back and forth between doing activities and grabbing Override Frequencies.

You should farm a lot of Resonant Stems first so that you can continuously make Override Frequencies after finding each Warmind Node.

Since there are 12 Warmind Nodes in total, you will need 48 Resonant Stems in total and afterward, you can go on continuous searches.

What is the Maximum Override Frequency Quantity?

Unlike most resources, Override Frequency cannot be held in bulk, and you can only have one at a time via the Resonance Amp.

Override Frequencies do not even appear in your inventory and can only be seen when you check your Resonance Amp.

Once you have located a Warmind Node, the Override Frequency will be used to open it, allowing you to make another one.

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