Europa Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2

D2 All Europa Resonant Amp Locations

The search for the Warmind Nodes has taken you to Europa to recover them all to restore Rasputin for a better purpose.

After you have acquired Override Frequencies, you will be able to search for specific Warmind Nodes based on the hints given.

To make the search for the Warmind Nodes easier for you, we have collected all 6 of them on Europa and listed them down for you.

All Europa Resonance Amp Locations

1) Europa Crossing Outpost Wall

One of the easiest Warmind Nodes to find is this one and you can get to it quickly by fast traveling to the outpost in Charon’s Crossing.

Just at the bottom of the outpost is a small opening where you will be able to jump down and the Warmind Node will be at the side.

2) Europa Beyond Cliff Landing

Another easy one is located just at the end of the path you can take from Beyond, where the Exo Stranger is located.

Take the path and go to the very end, which will eventually bring you to where the Warmind Node is located near a cliff.

3) Europa Eventide Cliff Refuge

This one can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where the cave is located, which is to the right of the fast travel point in the Eventide Ruins.

4) Europa Ridge Road Ledge

This one can be a bit misleading, but the path is actually going from Charon’s Crossing to Cadmus Ridge and just before you reach it you will get signs.

In the last batch of columns, you can find that the Warmind Node is located at the bottom of a ledge that you can jump down to.

5) Europa Eventide Dome Catwalk

This one is located at the Eventide Ruins and you can use fast travel to get there easily and just keep going left from there until you reach the underground dome.

Once you are underground, head up to the circular catwalk and go towards the left and you will find the Warmind Node there.

6) Europa Abyss Fissure Construct

You can find this Warmind Node in the Asterion Abyss and will need to search for what seems to be an old destroyed structure.

Head over to the inner corner and you will find the Warmind Node just below a slope that you can reach by going around or jumping down.


The Warmind Node locations on Europa are easy and most of them can be reached by simply jumping down certain areas.

Some of the Warmind Nodes can easily be found due to the bright atmosphere of Europa, making it easier to notice when one is nearby.

Aside from being able to collect all the Warmind Nodes for progression, you can get your hands on a few good legendary weapons, some may even have Deepsight Resonance.

After you have finished, obtaining all of the Warmind Nodes scattered around Europa, you will unlock the Music Theory I triumph.

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