Moon Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2

D2 All Moon Resonant Amp Locations

As you search for Warmind Nodes after they have been revealed once you have obtained an Override Frequency, you will be brought to various locations.

The Moon has a total of 6 and these are scattered all around the different regions on it but with the help of the Override Frequencies, you will be able to get hints.

Following all the hints we have collected the Resonance Amp Node Locations to make things easier for you as you collect them all.

All Moon Resonance Amp Locations

1) Luna Archer Dome Catwalk

There is a large dome in Archer’s Line to the east and you will need to go inside to find the Seeker Node located within.

Once you are inside the dome, make your way up and you will find the Seeker Node just near one of the cracked openings.

2) Luna Hellmouth Outcropping Alcove

Keep to the right of the map when you reach Hellmouth and you will find that there is a small underground part with a green glow coming from inside.

Head inside the small cave and just up ahead you will see a small opening where the Seeker Node can be located.

3) Luna Sanctuary Stage Backdrop

This is an easy one as it tells you that it is at Sanctuary and you will notice that the stage is just in front of you when you fast travel there.

The Warmind Node will be just behind where Eris Morn can be found and you can drop down carefully by falling or jumping from the edge.

4) Luna Anchor Town Rotunda

To find this Warmind Node, take the path going right after you have fast traveled to Sanctuary and continue going until you find the round structure.

Once you are inside the structure, the Warmind Node will be next to the wall between two entrances that you can take.

5) Luna Sorrow Altars Recess


If you stick to the right as you go through Sorrow’s Harbor and go around the fortress, you will find a small entrance to the side that you can enter.



Head inside the entrance to what appears to be an underground cave and go to the end, which is where the Warmind Node will be on the right.

6) Luna Archer Crevasse Crash

You can find the Warmind Node for this Override Frequency by fast traveling to Sanctuary and heading to Archer’s Line, keeping to the left.

Jump down the crevasse past the containers and you will find the Warmind Node just to the very end near the ledge.


Some of the Warmind Nodes are easier to find if you are familiar with the areas but the codes themselves can be dead giveaways.

It’s a good idea to watch out for your screen changing and strange music playing, signaling you are close to a Warmind Node.

Not only do you make progress with Season of the Seraph for collecting the Warmind Nodes, but you also get some legendary gear as well.

Obtaining all of the 6 Warmind Nodes that are found on the Moon will unlock the Music Theory II triumph.

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