How to Get Resonant Stems in Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph Resonant Stems

During the Season of the Seraph, players need to put an effort to help in restoring the Warmind, which includes obtaining Resonant Stems.

Collecting enough Resonant Stems will allow you to obtain an Override Frequency, which later helps you locate Sleeper Nodes.

Aside from being able to find the Sleeper Nodes to activate them, you will get rewards later for your efforts from farming Resonant Stems.

Where to Get Resonant Stems?

Resonant Stems can be obtained wherever you can do activities, and some don’t have specific locations since they can be accessed from the Destinations menu.

How to Get Resonant Stems?

You will start collecting Resonant Stems once you have obtained the Resonance Amp, which becomes obtainable from the Exo Frame after completing the Hierarchy mission.

Resonant Stems may be obtained by doing activities and based on which activities you do; the more difficult ones provide greater amounts.

One of the best ways to obtain Resonant Stems is to do Gambit or Crucible matches as these can be completed quickly giving you 3 for winning or 2 for finishing.

Doing Gambit and Crucible activities will allow you to get not only Resonant Stems but also Seraph Key Codes so that you can unlock Seraph Chests in Heist Battleground Playlist activities.

When you do Heist Battleground Playlist activities, you will get 2 Resonant Stems upon completing it as well as an additional 3 for opening a Seraph Chest.

Resonant Stems Use

Once you have a Resonance Amp and have collected at least 4 Resonant Stems, you will be able to convert them into an Override Frequency.

The Override Frequency will then allow you to locate a Sleeper Node, which can be interacted with to provide you with a reward.

Having a good number of Resonant Stems will allow you to continuously locate Sleeper Nodes to quickly collect all of them.

Best Way to Farm Resonant Stems

The best way to farm Resonant Stems is to do Gambit or Crucible matches, whichever is more convenient for you.

As you obtain Resonant Stems, you will also be able to collect a lot of Seraph Key Codes, which will allow you to open Seraph Chests Heist Battleground Playlists.

When you have a lot of Seraph Key Codes, you can use them all as you grind Heist Battleground Playlists to get even more Resonant Stem.

What is the Maximum Resonant Stem Quantity?

Resonant Stem does not seem to have a limit and you can farm a lot in advance or use them once you have enough to locate a Seeker Node.

For those who wish to unlock all the Seeker Nodes quickly, it would be best to farm a lot of Resonant Stems ahead so you can afterward continuously obtain Override Frequencies.

Players cannot have more than one Override Frequency active at a time but can unlock another one any time after locating a Seeker Node.

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