How To Open Seraph Chests in Destiny 2 (Season of the Seraph)

Season of the Seraph has introduced a lot of new things to Destiny 2 including the Heist Battlegrounds activities, restoration of the Warmind, and new gear.

During one of the activities known as the Heist Battlegrounds Playlists, players can stumble upon Seraph Chests, which provide various rewards.

Throughout the Season of the Seraph, you will want to get your hands on a lot of these to reap the rewards as well as progress with the Seasonal Quest, More Than a Weapon.

Season of the Seraph

Where To Find Seraph Chests?

In Season of the Seraph, you can only find Seraph Chests during Heist Battleground Playlist activities, which can later be opened if you have enough Seraph Key Codes.

Keep in mind that doing the Heist Battleground activity from a destination will not yield a Seraph Chest at the end and you must start these from the H.E.L.M. to make them appear.

There are currently no other ways to find a Seraph Chest other than doing Heist Battleground Playlist activities.

How To Open Seraph Chests?D2 Seraph Chests

To open a Seraph Chest, you will first need to complete a Heist Battlegrounds Playlist activity, which will cause it to spawn at the end.

Once the Seraph Chest has appeared, you will need to interact with it to obtain the rewards that it has within the cost of Seraph Key Codes.

You will need to have at least 500 Seraph Key Codes to open the Seraph Chest, which can be farmed by doing different activities.

Seraph Chest Rewards

Seraph Chests will reward you with a Season of the Seraph weapon, Seraph Umbral Energy, and Resonant Stems.

The Season of the Seraph weapon will be random each time and sometimes it can be a Deepsight Resonance variant.

Seraph Umbral Energy will usually be around 10 (can be more or less) each time you open a Seraph Chest during the activity.

You will always receive 2 Resonant Stem when opening the Seraph Chest, giving you a total of 5 (3 for completing the activity) once opened.


When it comes to Seraph Key Codes, 500 may seem to be a lot but you can get enough for one chest after doing 2 or 3 activities depending on the difficulty.

Each time you open a Seraph Chest, the weapon you receive will be at random, and with different upgrades from the Exo Frame, they can be improved.

As you go through the Seasonal Quest, you will be required to open Seraph Chests to progress to other steps.

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