How To Get Season of the Seraph (Season 19) Artifact in Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph (Season 19) has introduced a new artifact called “Seraph Cipher” that players will need to rely on throughout the season for a good boost in certain activities.


The Seraph Cipher can be obtained by players early on once they have delved into Season of the Seraph and will continuously gain experience as they play.

Season of the Seraph

Guardians will need the Seraph Cipher to continue providing efforts that will later benefit the restoration of the Warmind.

How To Get Season of the Seraph Artifact?

Just like with the previous seasons in Destiny 2, you can obtain the Season of the Seraph Artifact (Seraph Cipher) early on once you have begun playing throughout the season.

Players will begin by doing the Hierarchy mission once they log in after the Season of the Seraph has begun and will be able to acquire the Seraph Cipher afterward.

To obtain the Seraph Cipher, you will need to go to the Exo Frame (Vendor) who will give it to you as a reward.

How To Level Up Season of the Seraph Artifact?Season of the Seraph Artifact

The Season of the Seraph Artifact (Seraph Cipher) gains XP just as you do and from time to time, it will level up, providing you with an additional point to spend.

A good way to level up the Seraph Cipher would be to participate in activities and complete as many as you can within a short amount of time to maximize the XP you gain.

You can further boost the amount of XP you get by equipping your Ghost with XP-boosting mods and unlocking Season Ranks to gain the bonus XP boosts there as well.

Season of the Seraph Artifact Bonus Levels

As the Season of the Seraph artifact levels up, you will also gain additional levels that are added to your Power Level until the end of the season.

This will be added to your current Power Level to allow you to reach a higher one, which comes in handy after you are capped.

Once the season comes to an end, all levels gained for the Seraph Cipher will be gone along with the artifact itself.

Season of the Seraph Artifact Mods

Similar to the previous artifact, the Seraph Cipher provides you with certain mods that can empower your weapons and provide you with certain perks.

These can be slotted into your equipment to give you their effects, which make it easier to progress throughout the season with tougher activities.

The following are the tiers and mods of the Season of the Seraph artifact.

Tier 1

  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon (Arms) – Aiming down the sights with Hand Cannon loads a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants. (Strong vs Unstoppable Champions)
  • Overload Scout Rifle (Arms) – Consecutive hits with Scout Rifle disrupts combatants, stunning, delaying ability energy regeneration, and lowering their damage output. (Strong vs Overload Champions)
  • Piercing Bowstring (Arms) – Bows gain shield-piercing arrows, which bypass combatant defenses.
  • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle (Arms) – Pulse Rifles fire shield-piercing rounds and stun Barrier-Champions. (Strong vs Barrier Champions)
  • Overload Rounds (Arms) – Uninterrupted fire from Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns grants bullets that stun combatants, delaying ability regeneration and lowering damage output. (Strong vs Overload Champions)

Tier 2

  • Grenade Launcher Holster (Leg) – Reloads Power Grenade Launcher over time. Multiple copies of this stack.
  • Legacy Ambush (Helmet) – Increases duration and effectiveness of Ambush Origin Trait and Bray Inheritance Origin Trait.
  • In-Flight Compensator (Helmet) – Increases the airborne effectiveness of all weapons that are equipped.
  • Bow Dexterity (Arms) – Faster ready and stow speed for all bows.
  • Mobile Retrofit (Leg) – Increases Mobility by 5 points

Tier 3

  • Hand Cannon Targeting (Helmet) – Hand Cannons have improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim down sights speed.
  • Pulse Rifle Loader (Arms) – Pulse Rifles gain increased reload speed.
  • Energy Diffusion Substrate (Chest) – Gain a small amount of resistance to damage dealt by combatants. Stacks with additional copies.
  • Sharp Shooting (Helmet) – Greatly increases the duration and effectiveness of the Tex Balanced Stock Origin Trait and the Veist Stinger Origin Trait.
  • Resilient Retrofit (Chest) – Increases Resilience by 5 points.

Tier 4

  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher (Arms) – Reading a Grenade Launcher causes it to stun Unstoppable Champions for a short period. (Effective vs Unstoppable Champions)
  • Counter Charge (Combat Style) – Become charged with Light whenever you or a member of your fireteam stuns a Champion.
  • Advanced Scout (Class Item) – Champions you stun take additional damage from teammates.
  • Lord Kelvin’s Basilisk (Class Item) – Void and Stasis grenades cause disruption, delaying ability regeneration and lowering combat damage output. (Strong vs Overload Champions)
  • Low Entropy Superconductor (Class Item) – Stasis and Arc melee abilities stun unshielded combatants.

Tier 5

  • Passive Aggressive Guard (Class Item) – Receive less damage from combatants that are close to you while you are wielding a Glaive.
  • Weakened Clear (Class Item) – Damaging a boss, Champion, or breaking a combatant’s shield reloads your stored weapons when using a Grenade Launcher.
  • Monochromatic Maestro (Class Item) – Dealing damage with elemental abilities grants increased damage to weapons of the same element for a short period. Dealing damage with elemental weapons grants increased damage with abilities of the same element for a short period.
  • Solo Operative (Class Item) – Deal increased damage if you are the only one on your fireteam.
  • Lucent Finisher (Class Item) – Defeating a Lucent Hive Lightbearer or Champion with your finisher spawns Heavy ammo for you and your allies.


The Seraph Cipher plays an important role during the season as you will come across certain enemies that are difficult to defeat.

With the help of the Seraph Cipher, you can unlock certain mods that can be used to easily deal with most of the enemies in harder activities.

Aside from providing you with mods to equip, the bonus levels from the Season of the Seraph artifact can make your character stronger.

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