How to Get Exo Frame Modules in Destiny 2

Season of the Seraph Exo Frame Modules

Season of the Seraph has introduced a new vendor which is now known simply as the Exo Frame, which is an experimental frame to house the Warmind.

Like most seasonal vendors, you can obtain several rewards as well as purchase upgrades to further boost what you can reap.

To purchase upgrades though, you will first need to get your hands on Exo Frame Modules, which can later be used when interacting with the Exo Frame.

Where to Get Exo Frame Modules?

Exo Frame Modules are not obtained in any certain location but can rather be acquired as rewards from the Seasonal Challenges during Season of the Seraph.

How to Get Exo Frame Modules?

If you have looked at the Seasonal Challenges that are available during Season of the Seraph, you will notice that some of them reward Exo Frame Modules.

The Exo Frame Modules can be obtained once for each of the challenges that you complete and more will become available as the weeks go by during the season.

It would be a good idea to try to finish the challenges that reward Exo Frame Modules so that you can purchase upgrades with them at the Exo Frame.

You can still obtain Exo Frame Modules even after the season has passed and may access them from the Past Challenges section in the Seasonal Challenges menu.

Exo Frame Modules Use

Exo Frame Modules are solely used to purchase upgrades from the Exo Frame, which is considered as contributing them to improve it.

With each Exo Frame Module that you have, you will be able to purchase one upgrade, which allows you to continue unlocking other ones.

The more Exo Frame Modules that you use to upgrade, the more you will be able to unlock for upgrading once you get your hands on more.

Eventually, you will be able to unlock all the upgrades from the Exo Frame once you have completed all the challenges that reward Exo Frame Modules.

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