How To Get Coffin Nail Ship in Destiny 2

D2 Festival of the Lost 2022

With the arrival of this year’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event, we get the chance to get our hands on a lot of goodies.

One of these is the Coffin Nail Exotic Ship, which has a darker theme to it but you can always change its color to suit your taste.

For an Exotic Ship, the Coffin Nail is not that hard to obtain and there is a faster way for you to obtain it during the Festival of the Lost.

How to Get Coffin Nail Ship?

To obtain the Coffin Nail Exotic Ship, you will need to complete the Bookworm III challenge from the Festival of the Lost Event Card.

Once you have completed the Bookworm III challenge, you will be able to receive Coffin Nail after claiming the rewards for it.

Coffin Nail Ship in Festival of the Lost

After obtaining this Exotic Ship, you can equip it as soon as possible and may choose whatever colors you want to alter it with.

How To Complete Bookworm III Challenge?

The Bookworm III challenge is similar to the previous challenges of the same name, and it simply requires that you use Manifested Pages to unlock chapters in the Book of the Lost.

This does not mean that the used Manifested Pages count towards the goal though because what it requires is that you unlock 27 pages.

With that in mind, this will take some grinding for you to get your hands on your shiny new Exotic Ship.

The best and fastest way for you to get Coffin Nail would be to save up on a lot of Spectral Pages and afterward grind Haunted Sectors.

Once you have a lot of Spectral Pages, you can easily turn them into Manifested Pages in bulk to use in unlocking more chapters.

Take note that the challenge is only for the Vol. 2 part of the Book of the Lost and using the Manifested Pages on Vol. 1 will not count.

Coffin Nail Lore

(Just as hard and twice as sharp.

The Warlock put her hands on her hips as she looked up at the Titan’s new ship.

“So… run this plan by me one more time,” she said.

“Sure thing,” the Titan replied. “We go into that haunted cave, snatch a Headless guy, stuff it in the cargo hold, and bring it back here.”

“Alive,” the Warlock clarified.

“Yup,” the Titan affirmed, nodding vigorously. “Then we sell it for a mountain of Glimmer.”

“Who would buy a giant flaming pumpkin monster?!”

“Eris Morn, for one. She’s always researching creepy stuff like that. Or—the Drifter. You should see the stuff he’s got aboard the Derelict.”

“Even if you do find a buyer—which you won’t—how are you gonna fit a Headless One in this bird?” She gestured to the sleek, Eliksni-made jumpship. “I told you to go for something with a bigger cargo hold.”

“First of all, I got a great deal on this,” the Titan retorted. “Second of all, if it doesn’t fit, we just strap it to one of these… nose… spikes.” He gestured vaguely to the sharp protrusions coming from the front of his new ship.

The Warlock’s next objection was interrupted by a booming voice coming from the hangar entrance.

“I got the sedatives right here!” their Hunter teammate announced, carrying in a large ammo crate. “There’s enough here to knock out an Ogre.” He dropped it at the Warlock’s feet. “We doing this, or what?”

The Warlock looked at her eager teammates and sighed. “Let’s go get killed, I guess.”

“Yessss!” the Titan exclaimed. “Dibs on the candy!”)


While the grind for Coffin Nail may be a bit tedious to some, you can do this by doing regular everyday activities in the game.

Eventually, you will be able to save up on Spectral Pages and can go do Haunted Sectors occasionally, to get the ship.

It may take a bit of time at first but sooner or later you will have a ton of Spectral Pages to manifest and things should be much easier after.

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