Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 Bounties

D2 Festival of the Lost 2022

With the arrival of this year’s Festival of the Lost, we get to experience the chance to get a load of goodies from the event.

Not only does this give you the chance to get new gear, but it also lets you farm a ton of other things as well that you can use later on.

One of the best parts about the Festival of the Lost is that there are bounties to help speed things up for you to enjoy more as you progress.

Festival of the Lost Bounties

Festival of the Lost offers different bounties which each have their reset depending on them being weekly, daily, or simply additional bounties.

These offer you a better chance to reap more rewards for completing them, providing you with a way to get almost everything faster than expected.

Season of Plunder Season Rank Screen

The following are the types of bounties in Festival of the Lost:

1) Weekly Bounties

Festival of the Lost Weekly Bounties will be reset every week and offer you a large amount of 250 Candy, XP++, Glimmer, and Bright Dust.

2) Daily Bounties

Daily Bounties for Festival of the Lost reset every day and will be available for you to get 30 Candy and XP+ as rewards.

3) Additional Bounties

For the additional bounties, these are pretty much unlimited if you have the Glimmer to purchase them, providing you with 20 Candy, XP, and some Bright Dust.

Festival of the Lost Reset Time

The Festival of the Lost resets will occur at 10:00 AM Pacific (1700 UTC) and you have until then to finish whatever you have already gotten your hands on before taking up more.

Bounties also have an expiration which is shown to give you a heads-up on how long you have before they disappear.

How To Get Festival of the Lost Bounties?Event Vendor Eva Levante

You can obtain Festival of the Lost bounties from Eva Levante, who will be in the courtyard for the duration of the event.

You can purchase Weekly, Daily, and Additional bounties for Glimmer, which come at the following prices:

  • Weekly Bounties – 1,000 Glimmer
  • Daily Bounties – 250 Glimmer
  • Additional Bounties – 3,000 Glimmer

The reason additional bounties cost a lot is that you can continuously take a ton of them and complete them repeatedly.

While the bounties may be different, you will always be able to get more additional bounties after completing or discarding the ones on hand.


Bounties are a great way for you to get your hands on a lot of Candy, which will allow you to get your hands on Mystery Grab Bags from Eva Levante.

Aside from the Candy, there is a good amount of XP, which makes it easy to progress through your seasonal challenge.

Farming enough Bright Dust with the bounties can be a big help if you plan on buying some of the Mecha Armor cosmetics and of course, there is Glimmer, everyone loves glimmer.

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