Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Dynasty Dash Eden-6 Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Location: Floodmoor Basin – Reliance
  • Level: 27

Beau needs help with delivering his Dynasty Burgers around Eden-6 and who better to help him than the trusted vault hunter.

Your task will be to deliver Dynasty Burgers to different areas around the area and the faster you deliver the burgers, the greater the rewards.

Mission Walkthrough

Grabbing The Dynasty Burgers


Head over to the Dynasty Burger cart where the burgers are ready to be picked up and delivered.


Grab a batch of the burgers which you will then need to deliver to different areas around the map.

Making The Deliveries


Be sure to grab yourself a vehicle so that you can make it around much faster but you may also do a little bit of fast traveling every now and then at the risk of missing some signs that can help you add time.


Check your map to make sure you have the correct routes in mind so that you can save time while also going in the right direction.


Once you arrive at the waypoints that are set for deliveries, dismount your vehicle and head over to the drop location.


Interact with the drop location to drop off the Dynasty Burgers to the corresponding locations and head on to the next areas.


Head back to your vehicle and continue to deliver the other orders and make sure that you go as fast as you can since your bonus objective depend on the time it takes you to make all the deliveries.

Adding More Time


As you are driving around and heading towards the next delivery waypoints, keep an eye out for glowing signs which can be shot to increase time.

Beau has asked you to destroy these signs since they belong to his competition and by removing their signs, this gives him more exposure and reduces that for his competitors.


Signs may be destroyed either by your vehicle weapons or your weapons when you are on foot so be sure to keep an eye out all the time.

Heading Back For Your Reward


After making all of the deliveries, you are to then head back to the sign spinner to complete the mission.

This mission may be replayed for more cash and experience.

Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 Mission Rewards


After completing the Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 mission, you will receive around 3,838 cash and around 1022 bonus cash depending on the time you have left after finishing the last delivery.



  • Be sure to get a vehicle that you can maneuver properly and that has a good speed for you to get around quickly.
  • You may fast travel at times but this can reduce the chances of you destroying several signs so it’s a good idea to use a vehicle and shoot on the go.
  • Since the mission can be replayed, you can try and try again until you get the time you want or just replay for fun or additional experience and cash.
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