Fulmin Build 2023 Guide Warframe

The Fulmin is both a special type of rifle which mainly functions as a shotgun while being able to switch to a semi-automatic rifle mode.

Fulmin Warframe Weapon

It was originally released with Wisp and is known as her signature rifle which grants a 0.5 increase mode changing time when used by her.

Regardless of it being both a shotgun and a rifle, it uses rifle mods which affect mode firing modes.

While in its first fire mode, it is a silenced semi-automatic shotgun and upon switching it becomes a fully automatic rifle, both with electrical effects shown upon firing.


The Fulmin is a weapon which can change between being a shotgun and automatic rifle.


The Fulmin has the following stats:



While in semi-automatic mode, the Fulmin functions like a shotgun and has a high critical chance.

When in shotgun mode, the Fulmin is actually silenced which makes it capable of taking out enemies easily while remaining undetected.

In this mode, the Fulmin deals a high amount of electricity damage in a single shot with a decent amount of impact.

Each shot consumes 10 ammunition out of a maximum of 60 which unlike most ammo types, regenerates instead of reloading.

The Fulmin’s ammo will regenerate over a few seconds, meaning that it has unlimited ammo and only requires time to regenerate its shots.

This is useful for dealing high amounts of damage to enemies and killing them with a single shot with the chance of even taking out multiple enemies per shot.



When its firing mode is changed, the Fulmin becomes an automatic weapon, dealing less damage per shot in exchange for firing rapidly while still accurate.

Each shot deals a decent amount of electricity and puncture damage and take up one ammo per shot.

In this mode, the Fulmin retains its high critical chance but is reduced by only 2% and gains a higher critical multiplier.

Magazine size stays the same and will regenerate in a few seconds as well while having an unlimited amount of ammo which needs only to regenerate when depleted.

  • Has automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • High critical chance
  • Moderate status chance
  • High status chance
  • Decent fire rate
  • Has elemental damage
  • Very large magazine size
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Require mastery rank 8
  • Can’t force reload/recharge
  • May need frequent reloading
  • Range doesn’t go that far

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The Fulmin’s blueprint may be purchased from the Ingame market onboard the orbiter for the 20,000.

Suggested Builds

Since the Fulmin has two different firing modes, you can make use of both which consists of either a shotgun or an automatic rifle.

You can mod this weapon well for critical damage due to the high critical chance, guaranteeing you a lot of critical hits, especially in rifle mode due to the amount of shots and the high critical chance.

Since this weapon already has an innate elemental damage stat, you may utilize this and add an elemental mod to combine the two elements into a different element.

Below are a few sample builds:

Critical Build


This build makes use of the base electricity damage and we add Storm bringer to increase it while adding another elemental mod to combine into a different element.

To further increase the critical stats of the weapon, we add Point Strike and Vital Sense for additional critical chance and a higher critical damage multiplier.

We add multishot to the build by adding Vigilante Armaments and Split Chamber.

Serration and Heavy Caliber have been added to increase the overall damage of the weapon.


(Critical Build Damage)

Status Build


With the Status Build we retain the Serration, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber and Vigilante Armaments mods for their respective purposes.

Along with the build we add the four elemental damage and status mods which increase both the damage and combine to up to 2 different elements with a higher status chance for the build.

This build aims to make use of elemental damage as well as cause status effects to occur in able to weaken or deal additional damage to enemies.


(Status Build Damage)

Hybrid Build


This build is a combination of both the critical and status builds, which increase both the critical chance and multiplier along with a decent status chance.

This allows you to use the status effects from the weapon in order to deal damage and weaken enemies while being able to deal critical damage as well, leading to having multiple sources of damage.

This build works well depending on which enemies you go up against and the element you build towards.


(Hybrid Build Damage)

Fire Rate Build


This build retains most of the previous mods and adds Speed Trigger and Shred to the build to add more fire rate to the build.

These mods not only increase the fire rate but with shred you gain more punch through as well although your main focus is still the fire rate.

This allows you fire fast and does well when the need for clearing out enemies of lower to medium levels.


(Fire Rate Build Damage)

These are not the only builds available for the Fulmin, but they are pretty useful in many situations.

There are tons of ways to mod this weapon and it all can vary depending on the user and their choice of mods.


The Fulmin alone proves as a deadly weapon, sporting a decent amount of electricity damage along with impact as a shotgun weapon.

Aside from its shotgun mode, it can be changed into a semi-automatic rifle allowing it to deal heavy suppressive fire on enemies.

Both of the firing modes deal their respective damage in electricity while having their puncture for the rifle mode and impact for shotgun.

These make the weapon excellent for dealing with certain types of enemies and along with adding or combining its elemental mod into a different combination, the Fulmin can become even deadlier.

The Fulmin has unlimited ammo and needs only to recharges once its ammo is depleted, which it will do so automatically.

As it has a base damage that include electricity, you may easily mod the Fulmin for Radiation, Corrossive and Magnetic Damage.

Adding any other elements is up to you and the choice of which type of build you go for depends on your playstyle.

The base damage of the Fulmin alone is devastating and when modded well it can deal very high amounts of damage.

Using this weapon is great for instant and silent death as well as unstoppable Suppressive fire as its modes make any player capable of dominating any situation.


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