Tickled Pink (Main Quest) in MHW

Tickled Pink mhw mission

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Wildspire Waste
  • Quest Rank: 6

After searching for Rathian tracks, a powerful Anjanath will have been spotted in the Wildspire Waste which is quite rare as this is not its usual habitat.

The Chief Ecologist wants a field team to be able to analyze the Anjanath and they will need your help to take it down before this can be done.

Your quest is to head out to the Wildspire Waste to track down the Anjanath and slay it which will allow it to be studied by a field team later on.


Your objective in this quest is to hunt down the Anjanath that is roaming around Wildspire Waste and to slay it.


A good place to start out would be in the Southwest Camp (1) which is near the swamp area that the Anjanath will be roaming in.

Since the Anjanath is commonly found in the Ancient Forest, we can suspect that the swamp area to the north of Southwest Camp (1) will be the easiest place to find it.

You will need to either head straight for the swamp area or simply follow the tracks and you will come face to face with the Anjanath.

Begin fighting the monster until you deal enough damage to it which will cause it to flee to another area.

Dealing enough damage will cause it to head out of the swamp and may force it into Sector 6 where there is a chance a Barroth will be nearby.

Allow the Anjanath to fight with the Barroth or intervene to draw the Anjanath away or to deal damage to both monsters.

Once enough damage has been done to the Anjanath, it will attempt to escape again, leaving the area as well as the Barroth.

If you deal enough damage, the Anjanath will attempt to retreat straight to the swamp so that it will be able to rest.

In the event that the Anjanath’s health is not critical, it will attempt to retreat nearby and most likely head for Sector 4.

It is possible to kill the Anjanath as well if you are capable of dealing excessive damage before the monster may retreat.

The Anjanath will attempt to rest in the swamp area and can be finished off when tracked down to its resting area.

Quest Rewards

Once the Anjanath has been slayed, you will receive 9000 Zenny as a reward and the Old World Monster In The New World quest will be next once more Rathian tracks have been found during expeditions.


  • The Anjanath is capable of setting you on fire but this can be avoided and if necessary, put out by rolling.
  • Use the Anjanath’s size to your advantage, try to stay in areas that are hard to get if fighting from afar or stay under it or at its sides to give it a hard time attacking you.
  • A Barroth is present near where the Anjanath is and you can allow them to fight each other to help you reduce the health of the Anjanath.
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