The Piscine Problem (Optional Quest) in MHW

The Piscine Problem mhw optional quest

  • Quest Type: Optional Quest
  • Quest Location: Wildspire Waste
  • Quest Rank: 3

Researchers wish to study the Iron Helmcrab for its ability to react when threatened but this has been halted due to the appearance of a Jyuratodus.

The creature lurks around in the biome where the Iron Helmcrab can be found and the researchers dare not take the risk until the monster has been dealt with.

Your task is to head to the Wildspire Waste and hunt down the monster in order to allow the researchers to continue with their studying.

Quest Info

  • Quest Type: Hunting Quest
  • Objective: Hunt A Jyuratodus
  • Quest Giver: Chief Ecologist (Quest Board)

Other Monsters:

  • Apceros
  • Gajau
  • Kestodon
  • Noios


Take your start in Southwest Camp (1) and search for the tracks that will lead you to the Jyuratodus which mainly are easy to find in the muddy lake.

The Jyuratodus may be found in Sector 10 and instead of searching for tracks, you may instead head to the said sector and will easily spot the creature roaming about.

Once you find the Jyuratodus, attack it and chase after it if it attempts to escape, repeating the attack and chase until you slay it.

Quest Rewards

Slaying the Jyuratodus will complete The Piscine Problem and you will be rewarded with 3,240 Zenny for the completion of the quest.


  • The Jyuratodus is fast in the mud and it would be best to stay near the spots of land to force it out most of the time.
  • When needed, the Jyuratodus will leave the mud and will attempt to walk on its legs, making it slower and an easier target to go after.
  • Avoid fighting the monster when it scatters mud as this can entrap you, making you vulnerable to getting attacked.


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