Radobaan Roadblock (Main Quest) in MHW

Radobaan Roadblock mhw mission

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Rotten Vale
  • Quest Rank: 4

You and The Handler head to the Rotten Vale and find a location where you will initially clear up the area to set camp.

Upon arrival, there will be a large creature known as a Great Girros which is currently eating a dead monster.

You and The Handler clear up the area but afterwards she asks you to go take track down the creature so she can study it.

As you track down the monster, you will stumble across another larger one known as the Radobaan which will interfere with expeditions which must be hunted.


This quest will require that you first explore the area as you search for the Great Girros until you encounter the Radobaan.

Once the Radobaan has been encountered, you will need to track it down and kill it in order to allow you to travel around safely.

After killing the Radobaan, you will need to go to the Great Girros to sight it.


When setting out on the expedition, first head towards the right of camp to go deeper into the Rotten Vale.

If you have previously left the expedition to do the quest at a later time, you will need to track it which can be done by searching the area for tracks.

If it is your first time partaking in the expedition, a cutscene will show the Radobaan appearing and The Handler will mention that you will need to kill it.

This cutscene begins as you proceed making your way into Sector 1 and will bring the monster into the fight.

Begin fighting with the Radobaan and reduce its health enough to make it run away which it will do so by rolling to another nearby area.

Chase after the creature when it runs away and finish it off before it gets the chance to regenerate its armor.

If given enough time, the Radobaan will dig into several bones and come out with new ones, covering destroyed parts on its body.

Once you have killed the Radobaan, head deeper into the Rotten Vale and jump down to where the area is full of gas which The Handler mentions to be effluvium.

Once you’re in the deeper part of the Rotten Vale, proceed moving forward and you will eventually come across the Great Girros.

You may choose to either kill the Great Girros or simply come back from the expedition and the quest will be finished.

Quest Rewards

Although this quest starts out as an expedition, completing the task of hunting down the Radobaan will complete the Radobaan Roadblock quest which will reward you with 4320 Zenny.

Soon after the Radobaan Roadblock quest has been finished, you will later have the Legiana: Embodiment Of Elegance quest coming up.


  • You will need to complete the expedition by hunting the Radobaan as well as finding the Great Girros before the Radobaan Roadblock mission will be complete.
  • Fighting the Radobaan can be quite a nuisance since it begins to roll from time to time and gets more aggressive as you continuously deal damage to it, making it wise to stay out of the way when it does so.
  • Stay out of its way when it is about to roll as this can stun you and later on cause you to take more damage as it will attempt to continue to attack once its makes you vulnerable.
  • Try not to leave the Radobaan alone too long as it will tend to replace destroyed parts of its body.
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