Landing the Landslide Wyvern (Optional Quest) in MHW

Landing the Landslide Wyvern mhw optional quest

  • Quest Type: Optional Quest
  • Quest Location: Wildspire Waste
  • Quest Rank: 3

Barroths have been known to dwell in the marhes of the Wildspire Waste as explained by the Smart Biologist but much about this monster is unknown

The Smart Biologist wants you to find a Barroth in the Wildspire Waste and capture it so that it can be further studied.

Your quest is to head over to the Wildspire Waste and track down a Barroth that you will need to weaken and later on capture.

Quest Info

  • Quest Type: Capture Quest
  • Objective: Capture A Barroth
  • Quest Giver:Smart Biologist (Astera)

Other Monsters:

  • Apceros
  • Kestodon
  • Gajau
  • Noios


Begin the quest starting in Northeast Camp (15) and take the gear from the supply box before taking the path heading to Sector 6 or follow the scoutflies.

If you do not have other camps unlocked, you may head directly to Sector 6 and may still find the Barroth roaming the area.

Engage the Barroth in combat and deal enough damage to it in order to weaken it so it may flee to Sector 9 and rest.

You will be unable to use a Shock Trap in some parts of the marsh so its better to use your Slinger to wake the Barroth up once it is resting.

Once you have woken up the Barroth, wait for it to move to an area where you may use the Shock Traps and use them to stun the monster before knocking it out with Tranq Bombs.

Quest Rewards

The Landing The Landslide Wyvern quest will be finished once you capture the Barroth and you will then be rewarded with 3,600 Zenny.


  • Watch out for the Barroths attacks as they tend to knock you out most of the time and keeping it a habit to attack with short combos is advised unless the monster is stunned.
  • Allow the Barroth to rest before you attempt to use a Shock Tranq and wake it up with a weak attack or your Slinger to push it to another area so you may use such gear.
  • When using a Tranq Bomb, be sure to be in front of the Barroth and as close as possible since it sometime wont be knocked out if used from the sides or from behind.
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