A Rotten Thing To Do (Optional Quest) in MHW

A Rotten Thing To Do mhw optional quest

  • Quest Type: Optional Quest
  • Quest Location: Rotten Vale
  • Quest Rank: 4

A stuttering Stunned Researcher has returned from the field after having an encounter with a Great Girros.

The Great Girros can prove to be quite a threat in the future for other researchers that head into the Rotten Vale and it is important to take care of this right away.

You will need to travel to the Rotten Vale and hunt down the monster before any other researchers are harmed when they explore such an area.

Quest Info

  • Quest Type: Hunting Quest
  • Objective: Hunt a Great Girros
  • Quest Giver: Stunned Researcher (Quest Board)

Other Monsters:

  • Hornetaur
  • Girros
  • Raphinos


Start out in Central Camp (11) and make your way towards Sector 7 where the Great Girros is usually seen.

Along the way, you should be able to pick up its tracks to further shed some light about location as you head to Sector 7.

Once you encounter the monster, start fighting it while also defending yourself against any other monsters that team up to take you down.

The Great Girros may attempt to move to different sectors but will eventually head back to its resting area where it will attempt to recover if its health is critical.

Continue to follow the monster until you finally kill it, whether it is sleeping or not.

Quest Rewards

Once you have slain the Great Girros, the A Rotten Thing To Do quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with 3,240 Zenny.


  • The lower part of the Rotten Vale is full of Effluvium which will damage your health over time but this can be countered by wearing armor with the Effluvial Expert skill such as Hornetaur Mail.
  • Bringing items that can help you heal or making use of your Palico’s healing methods can help you recover health if you take too much damage from monsters or the Effluvium.
  • The Great Girros is capable of inflicting Thunderblight, which makes you more susceptible to stuns but with the use of items such as Nulberry, you can cure yourself.
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