A Kestodon Kerfuffle (Main Quest) in MHW

A Kestodon Kerfuffle Main Quest in MHW

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Ancient Forest
  • Quest Rank: 2

The local Kestodon have seemed to grow in number and their presence has become quite a danger for those in Asteria.

You have been assigned to take up the task of tracking them down and thin out their herd to reduce the danger they pose.

In order to reduce the threat they pose to Asteria, you will need to find a nearby herd and cull them before they overpopulate.


A Kestodon Kerfuffle quest requires that slay 3 male and 5 female Kestodons that are located nearby.


Once the quest begins, the Field Team Leader will lead the way and you are to follow him to head to the first area where there will be Kestodon roaming.

Upon arriving to the area, you will see a group of Kestodon and the Field Team Leader test you if you can handle them on your own.

Begin attacking the Kestodon and kill all of them in the area before you and the Field Team Leader may continue.

After killing the Kestodon in the area, follow the Field Team Leader once again and he will lead you to the next area.

The next area is in Sector 4 and upon following the Field Team Leader or heading to the location you will find a pack of Kestodon near the shore.

Continue by killing the remaining Kestodon that are in the area in order to proceed with the quest.

After killing the remaining Kestodon in the area, head over to the Field Team Leader who has found trace of a Great Jagras.

Once the cutscene is finished, you will be able to either exit from the quest or continue and hunt down the Great Jagras which is the next quest known as The Great Jagras Hunt.

Quest Rewards

After completing the A Kestodon Kerfuffle quest, you will be rewarded with 1200 Zenny and The Great Jagras Hunt quest will be available.


  • Watch out for the Kestodon as their heads are very thick and be protection for them against your attacks.
  • Taking out the Kestodon that are separated from the group will be easier as they cannot guard themselves when you approach them from their back or sides.
  • Continuing to hunt the Great Jagras will allow you to complete the quest called The Great Jagras Hunt.
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