Bird-Brained Bandit (Main Quest) in MHW

Bird-Brained Bandit Main Quest MHW

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Quest Location: Ancient Forest
  • Quest Rank: 2

On the previous bounty quest known as Rebuild The Ancient Forest Camp¸ a pesky Kulu-Ya-Ku was discovered nearby.

It is up to you to track the monster down and to take care of it in order to continue setting up a new camp in the location planned.

Unless the Kulu-Ya-Ku is dealt with, the new camp cannot be built in the area as it will keep on stealing from it.


Your objective is to track and slay the Kulu-Ya-Ku that is wandering around the new camp location in the Ancient Forest.


Once the quest has begun, you will want to head over to Sector 5 or as you will most likely find the Kulu-Ya-Ku there.

Those who have decided to continue to hunt it during the Rebuild The Ancient Forest Camp bounty will be able to follow tracks as the new objective is added.

As you head into Sector 5 and continue to look around, you should be able to see footprints that will allow you to track the monster.

If you have continued to do this quest during the Rebuild The Ancient Forest Camp bounty, you will be able to track the monster the faster.

As you follow the tracks of the Kulu-Ya-Ku, you will find yourself in the area it roams around in and will come face to face with it.

Begin attacking the Kulu-Ya-Ku but don’t expect it to stick around for long as it may tend to run away during the first encounter.

You will need to chase after the monster as it will run quite a long distance before attempting to fight back.

Once the Kulu-Ya-Ku fights back, begin dishing out as much damage as you can which will eventually force it to run away.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku will run to another area and stop once it reaches it, attempting to fight back once more.

At this point it is possible to kill the creature but if you deal enough damage and allow it or recover, it will attempt to run once more.

The monster will attempt to run deeper inside the jungle and may lure you into a location where there are Kestodon roaming.

You may continue to attack the Kulu-Ya-Ku or dead with the Kestodon first and at this time during the quest, you will likely kill the monster.

Quest Rewards

Finishing the Bird-Brained Bandit quest will reward you with 1800 Zenny and shortly after, the Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt will be available.


  • The Kulu-Ya-Ku tends to run away a lot and can be quite annoying if you do not deal continuous damage to it.
  • Watch out for when it is holding a rock as it will attempt to smash you with it and can even block some attacks.
  • Its best to wait for the monster to do its attacks and go for its sides to avoid hitting the rock or getting in the way when it charges forward.
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