Genshin Impact Stolen Tears Quest

Genshin Impact Stolen Tears

One of the quests that involve saving Dvalin is the Stolen Tears quest, which requires that you locate one of his Crystal Teardrops.

With the team that has been assembled, you will need to set out and locate another one that can later be purified and used to restore the Holy Lyre der Himmel.

During this quest, you will need to obtain one of the Crystal Teardrop which have been spotted in the Dadaupa Gorge amongst the Eclipse Tribe.

How To Get Stolen Tears Quest?

The Stolen Tears quest is obtained along with the Fallen Tears and Hidden Tears quests during the Prologue Act II – For a Tomorrow Without Tears.

This quest along with the 2 others is needed for you to restore the Holy Lyre der Himmel to its former glory to use it to save Dvalin.

Stolen Tears Quest Objectives

1) Go to the Eclipse Tribe at Dadaupa Gorge

This may perhaps be one of the easiest amongst the 3 quests where you simply need to find the Precious Chest which is just up a wooden ramp.

If you have done the Break the Sword Cemetery Seal quest, you might have already been to this location, and it may be familiar to you.

There is a Teleport Waypoint near the area which you can teleport to if you have already unlocked it to save time from traveling on foot.

2) Open the Chest to Obtain Dvalin’s Tear

Once you reach the area, you will need to head to the location of the Eclipse Tribe, which is one of the Hilichurl tribes in the area.

A waypoint will show the exact location and you can simply follow it to get to the Precious Chest that contains the Teardrop Crystal.

Go ahead and open the chest to get the Teardrop Crystal along with some additional loot, which afterward completes the quest.

Stolen Tears Rewards

After you have completed the Stolen Tears quest, you will receive Character EXP, Adventure EXP, and Mora.

The rewards come in the following amounts:

  • 3,125 Character EXP
  • 250 Adventure EXP
  • 6,000 Mora

Additionally, you’ll receive rewards:

  • 20 Primogem
  • 7 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • 1 Teardrop Crystal


You have successfully cleared out the enemies within the domain and have now obtained another Teardrop Crystal.

Provided that you collect the other two Teardrop Crystals from the Hidden Tears and Fallen Tears quests, you will now be able to restore the Holy Lyre.

Once all the Teardrop Crystals have been purified, Venti will be able to proceed along with the team to save Dvalin.

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