How To Get Thunderclap Fruitcore in Genshin Impact

Genshin Thunderclap Fruitcore

Certain characters in Genshin Impact possess the Electro element and if you are using them, you might want to make them stronger by reaching higher levels.

The Thunderclap Fruitcore is a material used for character ascension which is a requirement for certain characters to unlock their true potential.

While the boss may seem a bit intimidating, defeating it and farming Thunderclap Fruitcores is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Where to Get Thunderclap Fruitcore?

You can get this Thunderclap Fruitcore by defeating Electro Regisvine boss, which is located in a cave at Mawtiyima Forest in Sumeru.

How to Get Thunderclap Fruitcore?

When you are in the Electro Regisvine arena, you can fight it to get Thunderclap Fruitcores as well as other items that come with it.

The Electro Regisvine can deal a lot of damage if you are not careful, but these can be dodged with little effort on your part.

Pyro and Dendro characters are a good choice against it as they can trigger useful elemental reactions to make it easier to deal damage.

It is best to target the Electro Regisvine’s cores to stun it, which will allow you to deal additional damage while it is down.

After you beat the boss a Trounce Blossom will suddenly appear, and you must spend 40 Original Resin to open it and get the Thunderclap Fruitcore.

Thunderclap Fruitcore Uses

Thunderclap Fruitcores are mainly used to ascend characters to increase their max level, making them stronger and capable of fighting tougher enemies.

While this is a material that is often farmed, it does not have a lot of other uses aside from ascending certain Electro characters.

Characters That Use Thunderclap Fruitcore

There are currently 2 characters in Genshin Impact that require Thunderclap Fruitcore to ascend, and both are Electro characters.

The following require Thunderclap Fruitcore to ascend:

  • Cyno
  • Dori


The Electro Regisvine is a bit tricky to find as its cave is located near a cliff but once you get inside, there is a Teleport Waypoint you can unlock to return anytime with ease. 

While the Electro Regisvine deals a lot of damage, it can easily be taken down once you get a few elemental reactions going once it is stunned.

Unless you need to ascend Dori or Cyno, the Electro Regisvine is not a boss that you will seek out unless you are after the other rewards it gives.

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