How To Get Perpetual Caliber in Genshin Impact

Genshin Perpetual Caliber

Some of the characters that you have, who were later introduced in Genshin Impact can have challenging requirements to ascend.

One of the Character Level-Up Materials that you will need for certain characters is the Perpetual Caliber, which can sometimes be tedious to obtain.

The Perpetual Caliber can be difficult to obtain for some players but eventually, it becomes easy once you get the hang of defeating the boss that drops it.

Where to Get Perpetual Caliber?

The Perpetual Caliber can be obtained by defeating the Aeonblight Drake, which is a mechanical boss found deep within Sumeru.

To find its location, you will need to head over to the Devantaka Mountains in Sumeru where you will need to find its entrance to the east of a submerged river.

How to Get Perpetual Caliber?

Fighting the Aeonblight Drake can be a bit different than most bosses as it possesses a great threat if you are unable to counter its different attacks.

It would be best if you had a character that uses a bow-type weapon so that you can use a charged shot to stun it most of the time.

Using a character with a bow will allow you to aim for its eye, which will cause it to become stunned for quite a good duration, giving you enough time to deal a good amount of damage.

Beware that it can gain resistance to certain elements and it would be wise to use characters that have different ones.

Once you have defeated the Aeonblight Drake, you can interact with a Trounce Blossom by using 40 Original Resin, which will give you Perpetual Calibers as well as other rewards.

Perpetual Caliber Uses

The Perpetual Caliber is used to ascend certain characters and not all of them have the same type of element.

Aside from being used to ascend characters, the Perpetual Caliber does not have any other uses at this time in the game.

Characters That Use Perpetual Caliber

There are currently 3 characters in Genshin Impact that require Perpetual Caliber and all of them have different elements.

The following require Perpetual Caliber to ascend:

  • Layla
  • Nilou
  • Wanderer


The Aeonblight Drake can be quite a formidable opponent, especially if you do not have a ranged character to attack it.

There are several instances where it will hover in the air and attack you with missiles but you can take it down with a charged shot from a bow.

Once you get used to the attack pattern of the Aeonblight Drake, you will be able to easily farm it since it can be stunned often.

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