Destiny 2 Way of the Witch Mission Walkthrough

Way of the Witch mission takes place in the Florescent Canal, Savathun’s Throne World

  • Mission Type: Season of The Witch
  • Mission Location: Florescent Canal, Savathun’s Throne World

With The Witness at your doorstep, the answers you need to defeat him lie with the Witch Queen, but she will only provide them if you deal with her sister, Xivu Arath.

While this may pose a challenge, a way to defeat Xivu Arath has been prepared in advance by Savathun before her death and Immaru will lead you there.

You will need to head to Savathun’s Throne World and transcend The Spire, which is where she experimented with the Light.

How To Get Way of the Witch?

Upon logging in after the update of the Season of the Witch, you will be able to start Way of the Witch right away.

The mission will start right away, or you can select it from the Destinations tab and check the H.E.L.M. for the Way of the Witch (Arena) mission.

Way of the Witch Mission Objectives

1) Search for the Spire

outside of Savathun’s Throne World

You will be starting from outside of Savathun’s Throne World and will need to follow the marker pointing you to the inside of a room.

Take either the left or the right entrance to go up a set of stairs that will bring you to the bridge where enemies are bowing.

You will need to fight your way through the Lucent Hive in the area until Deepsight Energy appears, which you will need to interact with.

Activating the Deepsight Energy will reveal platforms that you will be able to jump on to make it to the top of the area.

2) Defeat the Hive Lightbearers

shattering the three Void Crystals by shooting them

Upon reaching the next area, you will need to defeat the Hive Lightbearers, which includes an enemy called Hastokk, Oblative Aspirant. (Destroy his Ghost with a Finisher)

3) Shatter the Crystals

Once you have taken out Hastokk, you will need to continue by shattering the Void Crystals that are around the area.

You will notice that these have a barrier and to destroy them, you will need to go inside of the bearer and damage them while you are inside. (There are 3 Void Crystals)

4) Use Your Magic

A seal will appear on the ground and Immaru will instruct you to use the Witch’s Staff (Artifact you obtained at the start of the mission) to cast a spell of your own.

You will need to stand near the seal and interact with it to Invoke Hive Magic, which creates an energy lift that will allow you to ascend.

5) Search for the Spire

Empowering the Crystals

Continue making your way after you have reached the end of the lift and fight your way up until you reach the very top.

6) Empower the Crystals

There will be multiple enemies in the next area, and you will need to fight them off while you attempt to Empower the Crystals

Start by heading to each of the Solar Crystals, which will be marked and should be picked up to deposit in their respective braziers. (There are 2 Solar Crystals)

7) Defeat the Hive Lightbearers

Doing a Melee attack on the first Arc Crystal

More enemies will appear, including 2 Hive Lightbearers with Ghosts, who are named Auloc, Oblative Postulant, and Aulith, Oblative Postulant.

Each of them needs to be defeated and their Ghost destroyed using a Finisher before you can proceed to the next objective.

8) Empower the Crystals

Eris Morn will then tell you to conduct the Arc Charge between the crystals, which simply means you need to do a melee attack on the first Arc Crystal and then do a melee on the rest.

Once you punch the first Arc Crystal, you will have only seconds to punch the other 4 in the area but they are all close together.

9) Defeat Elunash

A boss named Elunash, Oblative Adherent will appear, who acts like a Hive Wizard but seems to be imbued with Arc Energy.

You will need to defeat this boss while surviving the attacks of oncoming enemies and destroy its Ghost once you have depleted its health.

10) Reveal Savathun’s Spire

Another seal will appear on the ground (this will be marked) and you will need to interact with it to Begin the Ritual of Induction. (This reveals the spire)

11) Approach the Spire

Once the Spire is visible, you will need to cross the bridge and head up the stairs until you reach the gate, which you will need to interact with.

Interacting with the gate will allow you to Breach the Spire, which immediately ends the mission.

Way of the Witch Rewards

At the beginning of the Way of the Witch Mission, you will obtain the Acolyte’s Staff (Seasonal Artifact) and will be able to use it until the end of the season.

Completing the mission provides you with the following:

  • Legendary Gear
  • Opaque Card (Deck of Whispers)
  • 40 Ritual Table Reputation


It seems that Savathun was always 3 steps ahead of you as she already knew what was to unfold and had prepared for your arrival.

Now that you have found a way to Savathun’s Spire, you will need to journey further to master the magic required for what is to come next.

Only with the help of Savathun will you be able to defeat The Witness but the costs may be great and you are left without other options but to trust her. 

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