Destiny 2 Savathun’s Spire Activity (Objectives & Rewards)

Savathun’s Spire Activity (Season of the Witch)

  • Mission Type: Season of The Witch
  • Mission Location: Savathun’s Spire, Savathun’s Throne World

Savathun’s Spire is one of the main activities that Guardians may delve into during the Season of the Witch, forcing them to go deeper into the Spire.

It is here that more magic can be accessed, which eventually leads you to the Altars of Summoning once you are prepared.

Players will need to face off against certain encounters and traverse the spire to complete it and get the rewards at the end.

How To Unlock Savathun’s Spire?

Savathun’s Spire Activity becomes available once players have played through the introductory mission known as Way of the Witch.

Savathun’s Spire Objectives

There are encounters that guardians will face during Savathun’s Spire and these will often be chosen at random, leaving the objectives and enemies different now and then.

1) Breach the Spire

To gain access to the Spire performing the magic in the circle which is in the front

You and your fellow guardians will need to gain access to the spire, which can be done by performing your magic in the circle ahead of you.

2) Disrupt the Ritual (Encounter)

A ritual will be going on in the next room and you will need to stop it by defeating the enemies and interacting with the different crystals that will be present.

3) Ascend the Spire

A room with a large flails hanging from the ceiling

After disrupting the ritual, you will need to head to the next area by following the energy that will allow you to ascend to the next location.

This later brings you to a room with large flails hanging from the ceiling which you will need to make your way across by timing your movement right.

The next area after the flails contains platforms that you need to jump across and a puzzle is also available as there will be gifts that you may shoot (purple and orange)

4) Eliminate Votarists (Encounter)

Now that you have made it past the first set of traps in the area, you will come across more enemies and this will be another encounter.

You will need to defeat the enemies in the area by focusing on doing what their crystal requires for you to be able to damage them.

5) Traverse the Labyrinth

A room with the puzzles and the doors

With another set of enemies taken care of, it’s time to continue making your way through yet another part of the puzzles and traps.

You will later reach a room with puzzles and doors, requiring that you enter the door that has the symbols that are the same with one glyph in the center.

Continue making your way through the first door and go through elevators to reach the next area but watch out for the flails.

There will be even more traps that you need to get past before you reach yet another area where there will be multiple doors. (Keep in mind to go through the one with the previous symbols)

6) Eliminate Final Enemies (Encounter)

This will be yet again another encounter and you will need to follow the encounter closely to deal damage to the enemies.

You and the guardians will need to face the final boss or bosses to clear the area and after that, a reward will be given.

Types of EncountersEliminating the Arc Votarists

Encounters are often identified by the type of crystals that appear in the field, which each have a requirement before you can progress.

1) Arc Crystals

Defeat a boss to empower one of the crystals by punching them, which then requires you to punch the other crystals within the given amount of time. (Activate all to make enemies vulnerable)

2) Solar Crystals

Defeat a boss to spawn a Solar Crystal which needs to be deposited in the right brazier. (Do this multiple times to complete the encounter)

3) Void Crystals

There will be shielded Void Crystals that you may destroy by entering their barrier, which is required for all of them to make your enemies vulnerable.

Savathun’s Spire Rewards

Completing Savathun’s Spire Activity can yield multiple rewards, especially if you have a Witch’s Key in your possession to unlock more rewards.

  • Witch Engrams
  • Offerings
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Ritual Table Reputation


The more you play Savathun’s Spire Activity, the less challenging it gets and it is also a good thing to keep in mind that obtaining secret chests is a good way to earn more rewards.

Each of the encounters may pose different challenges but all 3 of them can eventually be gotten used to and will be easy to complete.

Savathun’s Spire is a good way to prepare yourself for items that you may need in the Altars of Summoning such as Witch’s Keys and Offerings. 

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