Destiny 2 Altars of Summoning Activity (Objectives &Rewards)

Altars of Summoning Seasonal Activity (Season of the Witch) Destiny 2

  • Mission Type: Season of The Witch
  • Mission Location: Altars of Summoning, Savathun’s Throne World

The Altars of Summoning is one of the main activities that became available during the Season of the Witch, which gives Guardians the option to use their offerings.

With the use of offerings, they can choose the difficulty of what encounters they will face at the Altars of Summoning.

By completing this activity, Guardians can get their hands on several rewards, most of which will be mainly available during the season.

How To Unlock Altars of Summoning?

Altars of Summoning becomes available after you have completed Mission Invoke, which is available during the earlier parts of the season.

Altars of Summoning Objectives

1) Enter the Altars of Summoning

Once the activity begins, you and your fireteam will need to make your way through to the Altars of Summoning to start the ritual.

2) Ritual of Induction

Interacting with the glyphs to begin the Ritual of Induction

Interact with the glyphs to begin the Ritual of Induction, which later sends you to a nearby altar where an offering will be made.

If Guardians interact with the same glyph, they will be bestowed with a buff called Lucent Blessing, which provides Orbs of Power and Ammo.

3) Travel to the Next Altar

Now that a ritual has been started, you and the other Guardians will need to make your way to the next Altar, which will be marked by a waypoint.

4) Make An Offering

Making an Offering after reaching the Altar

Once you reach the altar, you will need to make an offering and there will be different choices for you to pick from as long as you have the required offerings.

5) Initiate the Summoning

Head to the marked area where a seal is on the ground and glowing, which you may now interact with to begin the summoning.

6) Complete Encounter

An encounter will begin where you face certain enemies and have different objectives, which have difficulty based on the offering you made.

You will need to complete the objectives before you can progress with making another offering completely.

This needs to be repeated until you have completed enough encounters to be tithing your victory, providing you with rewards. 

Types of Encounters

Encounters will come at random and will have a certain difficulty based on what offer was used before they become active.

The following are the different encounters in Altars of Summoning:

  • Void Keepers – Destroy Void Crystals and Defeat Abominations
  • Ternary Minds –  Defeat the Minotaurs and Prevent Vex Sacrifices
  •  Arc Singers – Charge the Arc Crystals and Defeat Ei Haaruz
  • Lucent Tribute – Defeat Alak’nar and deposit Burdens of Tribute

Altars of Summoning Rewards

Completing the Altars of Summoning has a chance to reward players with the following upon completion:

  • Witch Engrams
  • Offerings
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Ritual Table Reputation
  • Opaque Card


Altars of Summoning is one of the activities that Guardians will often go to for grinding the Season of the Witch rewards.

Since you can get offerings as a reward in the Altars of Summoning, you can continuously do this activity until you get everything you want.

Others may prefer to do Savathun’s Spire to prepare with more offerings but it remains just the same with obtaining them from other activities. 

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