Destiny 2 Mission Invoke Walkthrough

Mission: Invoke (Season of the Witch) D2

  • Mission Type: Season of The Witch
  • Mission Location: Altars of Summoning, Savathun’s Throne World

A ritual chamber has been discovered beneath Savathun’s Spire, which you and Eris Morn will explore to unlock her newfound power.

Immaru explains that this is called the Arcane Oubliette, which Savathan uses to store her magical experiments and this may prove useful.

You and Eris Morn will need to discover what lies beneath to gain the power to confront Xivu Arath to meet your end of the bargain with Savathun.

How To Get Mission: Invoke?

Mission Invoke is the first mission you get from The Bladed Path (Seasonal Quest) during the Season of the Witch and will be the first quest step to complete.

This happens when you have completed the introductory quest to the season called Toil and Trouble, which is obtained at the beginning of the season.

Mission Invoke Objectives

1) Enter the Altars of Summoning

standing near the seal on the ground and interact with it to start the Ritual of Induction

Once the mission begins, you will need to stand near the seal on the ground and interact with it to start the Ritual of Induction.

Head through the doors once they open and continue following the waypoint until you ascend to the next area where you will find a Summoning Ritual in progress.

2) Complete the Summoning

There will be a floating glyph and another seal under it, which you will need to interact with to start the Ritual of Induction in the area.

3) Complete Summoning Rituals

This will have started a set of summoning rituals that will now need to be completed and you will need to head to the next waypoint to begin them.

After you reach the waypoint, Eris Morn will appear and you will need to interact with her, which causes her to float in the air and channel power.

4) Lucent Tribute Defeat Alak’nar

Defeating Alak’nar

A boss named Alak’nar, Retainer of Savathun will appear and you will have to defeat them by dealing damage until a portion of his health is gone.

5) Lucent Tribute Harvest and Deposit

Alak’nar will become invulnerable once his health has been reduced and you will need to defeat the marked enemies to obtain tribute.

Once you have 3 Tributes on you, the next task is to go into the areas with seals and stand in them. But these need to have the orange structure above them as shown in the image.

Repeat the process of damaging Alak’nar and depositing tribute until you eventually defeat Alak’nar, Retainer of Savathun.

6) Complete Summoning Rituals

After defeating Alak’nar, head over to the next area that is marked by a waypoint and interact with Eris Morn again to start the ritual.

7) Ternary Minds Defeat the Minotaurs

Defeating the Minotaurs

There will be 3 Minotaurs that you need to defeat but only one of them will be active first until you have dealt some damage to him.

8) Prevent Vex Sacrifices

There will be Vex enemies in the area who will attempt to make sacrifices and you must stop them before continuing to target the Minotaurs.

9) Destroy the Lenses

There will be lenses that appear and make the Minotaurs invulnerable, which you should destroy before attacking them again.

Damaging the Minotaurs, preventing Vex sacrifices, and destroying the lenses will need to be done continuously until the Minotaurs are defeated.

10) Complete Summoning Rituals

After dealing with the Minotaurs, head over to the last ritual site and interact with Eris Morn once again to spawn a boss called Ei Haaruz, Retainer of Savathun.

11) Arc Singers: Charge the Arc Crystals

performing a melee attack on all of the Arc Crystals without exceeding 15 seconds

Ei Haaruz will be invulnerable and to damage him, you will need to perform a melee attack on all of the Arc Crystals without exceeding 15 seconds between each crystal.

Once you have activated all the Arc Crystals, head over to the seal on the ground and interact with it to use your magic to make Ei Haaruz vulnerable.

Mission Invoke Rewards

After you and Eris Morn have completed all the Summoning Rituals, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Witch Engrams
  • Offerings
  • Legendary Equipment
  • 40 Ritual Table Reputation


Eris Morn appears to be able to harness tremendous power and with your help, the two of you were able to obtain bits of power from the Summoning Rituals.

While a lot has been done, this has taken a toll on Eris Morn and she will most likely need to rest before you can repeat the process of obtaining more power.

It seems that whatever Savathun was cooking under her spire, a lot of power can be harnessed and but this is still known to be Hive magic, which not everyone will be happy about.

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