Destiny 2 The Bladed Path Quest Steps

The Witness continues to serve as a threat to everyone and the only way for the Guardian and their allies to overcome this enemy is to aid an old enemy.

Savathun has left her experiments and instructions to a Ghost named Immaru, who now aids the Guardian in discovering what may help defeat the traveler.

While this newfound power is exemplary, the costs of obtaining it may seem to have a heavier weight as progress is made, making it a dangerous tradeoff.

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How To Get The Bladed Path Quest?

The Bladed Path is the Seasonal Quest for Destiny 2 Season of the Witch and will be received once you have completed the Toil and Trouble Quest.

The Toil and Trouble Quest is an introductory quest that will be active once you log into the game after the Season of the Witch update.

The Bladed Path Week 1 Quest StepsThe Bladed Path Seasonal Quest Info

Step 1: Travel to the Altars of Summoning and complete “Mission: Invoke”

Ritual Chambers have been discovered under Savathun’s Spire and you will need to explore them to unlock the newfound powers that Eris Morn now controls.

After obtaining The Bladed Path Seasonal Quest, your first step is to complete a mission called “Mission: Invoke”, which you can start from the Seasonal Quest or the H.E.L.M.

  • Visit Holoprojector

Step 2: Visit the holoprojector in the H.E.L.M.

A message is waiting for you at the holoprojector and it seems that this is from Ikora Ray, who wants to talk to you about what Eris Morn is going through.

  • Receive Message

Step 3: Visit the radio in the H.E.L.M.

Another message has been left for you and it can be found in the same room as the holoprojector but this time, the message is from Eris Morn.

  • Listen to Radio Message

Step 4: END OF WEEK 1

Eris Morn is using the power that was tithed by the Guardians to figure out how to defeat Xivu Arath to fulfill Savathun’s Bargain.

You will need to strengthen your understanding of the Hive by searching for cards from the Deck of Whispers and waiting for Eris Morn to contact you when she is ready once more.

The Bladed Path Week 2 Quest Steps

Step 5: Erin Morn wishes to speak with you in the Athenaeum.

Eris has summoned you to meet her in the Athenaeum, which you can reach by heading to the H.E.L.M. and going through the portal.

  • Visit Eris

Step 6: Listen to Eris’s Story

Eris has prepared a story to tell you which is meant to enlighten you about certain beliefs regarding Hive Sword Logic.

  • Listen to Eris

Step 7: Further your understandings of sword logic by attuning with an element at Eris Morn’s Ritual Table

After hearing Eris’ story about Hive Sword Logic, it’s time for you to start obtaining new power by attuning yourself with an element.

This can be done by heading to the Athenaeum and interacting with Eris Morn’s Ritual Table, which allows you to choose a specific element to attune.

  • Attune an Element

Step 8: Defeat combatants using your selected element’s damage type in Savathun’s Throne World or in Seasonal Activities

Now that you have chosen an element, you will need to deal damage related to the element, which can either be done with weapons or abilities.

This can be done in Savathun’s Throne World, which includes Seasonal Activities such as Savathun’s Spire and Altars of Summoning.

  • Defeat Combatants with your element

Step 9: Attune with the Hive elemental runes in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s Throne World

This requires that you head to one of the Lost Sectors and find a room that has runes that are the same as the element you have chosen.

You will need to shoot all of the runes before interacting with a seal to complete the attunement process.

Step 10: Visit the radio in the H.E.L.M.

Someone has left you a message at the radio in the H.E.L.M. and you better go see what it is that they need to tell you.

  • Hear radio message

Speaking with Eris Morn in the Athenaeum

Step 11: Speak with Eris Morn in the Athenaeum

Eris Morn has summoned you once again but this time, you will be listening to a discussion between the Drifter and Eris.

  • Witness Conversation

Step 12: Visit the Holoprojector in the Southern Wing of the H.E.L.M.

A message has been left for you at the holoprojector and you can access it by heading to the H.E.L.M. and interacting with it.

  • Receive message

Step 13: END OF WEEK 2

Once Eris Morn needs your tithes, she will reach out to you but for now, you will need to continue enhancing your power to use against the Hive.

The Bladed Path Quest Rewards

As your complete objectives in The Bladed Path, you are bound to run into different lots, mainly those from the season due to the activities you partake in.

Each time you complete an objective, you will be able to proceed further into the story added in the Season of the Witch.


The bargain that has been made with Savathun sends the Guardian and Eris Morn searching for a way to defeat Sivu Arath.

This will be the only way that they can find a way to fight back against The Witness, who continues to be a threat to everyone.

As you and Eris Morn continue to delve deeper into the secrets within Savathun’s Spire, more power is to be found to prepare you for Xivu Arath and later, The Witness.

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