Destiny 2 How to Get All Offerings for Altars of Summoning

The Season of the Witch has introduced new activities for players to enjoy and one of them is the Altars of Summoning activity.

This requires players to join Eris Morn to complete rituals that require offerings that will affect what rewards players will get.

Participating in the Altars of Summoning is best done when you have offerings, which allow you to get better rewards at the end of each ritual.

Feeble Offering Destiny 2

All Altars of Summoning Offerings

The Altars of Summoning Offerings is a new currency that can be used during the activity, which is needed to start a ritual.

There are currently 3 offerings that have been revealed and each of these has its level, offering players a choice of what difficulty they prefer.

The following are the Altars of Summoning Offerings:

  • Feeble Offering – Initiates Tier 1 Encounter
  • Robust Offering – Initiates Tier 2 Encounter
  • Powerful Offering – Initiates Tier 3 Encounter

What Are Encounters?

Encounters are the instances or challenges that you face when performing each ritual, which will be affected by the offering that you use.

These include the following:

  • Void Keepers
  • Lucent Tribute
  • Arc Singers
  • Ternary Minds

How To Get All Altars of Summing Offerings?

Altars of Summoning Offerings are rewarded for completing activities and these are often obtained randomly depending on what activity you do.

More difficult activities or coming out victorious in an activity seem to give better offerings but eventually, you get a lot as you continue playing.

A good way to increase the chances of getting offerings is to equip the Season of the Witch armor, which provides you with the Exhumed Excess Armor Perk.

The best activities to get offerings are the following:

  • Altars of Summoning (Yes, you get them here too!)
  • Savathun’s Spire
  • Crucible
  • Gambit
  • Strikes

Exhumed Excess Armor PerkVeiled Tithes Gloves (Gauntlets)

The Exhumed Excess Armor Perk provides you with a chance to obtain more offerings as you continue to complete activities, allowing you to farm them quickly.

This is mentioned as increasing your chance to create additional offerings, which means you can get additional offerings at the end of an activity by a certain chance.

Exhumed Excess is an Armor Perk that stacks up to 4 times by having at least 4 pieces of the Season of the Witch armor, giving you enough room for 1 Exotic Armor.

How To Use Offerings?Altar of Summoning Make an offering

Offerings are used in the Altars of Summoning activity to start encounters and may be used once you are prompted to “Make an Offering.”

Head over to the marked area and you will see glyphs above certain altars that you may interact with to make an offering.

You will be able to see which offering will be consumed when you interact with it and this will give you a hint of how hard the encounter will be. 


The Altars of Summoning is a great way to get a lot of seasonal gear quickly and to make the most of the season as it is easy to complete.

You will easily get used to the different encounters and after a few sessions, cooperating with your buddies or in matchmaking will yield a lot of rewards.

If you are running short on offerings, you can always do other activities or stick with Savathun’s Spire until you get more. 

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