How To Get Season of the Witch Exotics in Destiny 2

With the arrival of the Season of the Witch, there is a ton of new gear for Guardians to obtain and make use of with their builds.

These range from Legendary to Exotic items, and each of them has its benefits that can alter a building or simply enhance it further.

While these are new additions to the game, you can easily get your hands on the ones that you want by simply playing through the game.

Season of the Witch Exotics D2

All Season of the Witch Exotics

1) Ex Diris (Exotic Grenade Launcher)

Ex Diris (Exotic Grenade Launcher)

The Ex Diris is a Hive weapon that deals Arc Damage, which fires explosive projectiles and features an automatic reloading system.

Its properties allow the weapon to become enraged when damage is dealt or sustained, causing it to have a higher fire rate.

Players who use Arc Builds are sure to enjoy this weapon as it also has a connection to the Amplified buff, making such builds seemingly overpowered.

Ex Diris can be obtained once players reach Season Rank 35 during the Season of the Witch or Season Rank 1 if they have a Season Pass or similar purchase.

2) Mothkeeper’s Wraps (Hunter Gauntlets)

Mothkeeper’s Wraps (Hunter Gauntlets)

Provides you with the Winged Eclipse Armor Perk, which causes your grenade to become a cage of loyal moths that are released on impact, forcing them to fly towards enemies or allies.

Moths that reach an ally will grant them with a Void Overshield while enemies are blinded by an explosion when reached by the moths.

3) Pyrogale Gauntlets (Titan Gauntlets)

Pyrogale Gauntlets (Titan Gauntlets)

Alters Burning Maul into a single high-damage slam, which creates five cyclones of flame that will damage enemies.

Aside from altering Burning Maul, this also modifies Consecration, making its second slam create a cyclone of flame.

4) Briarbinds (Warlock Gauntlets)

Briarbinds (Warlock Gauntlets)

The Briarbinds Gauntlets provide your Void Souls with a longer duration, which also causes them to gain escalating damage and durability as they defeat targets.

At any time, you may retrieve the Void Souls by interacting with them, which will allow you to redeploy them when you need to.

How To Get Season of the Witch Exotic Armor?

You can get your hands on the Season of the Witch Exotic Armor pieces by completing a Vex Strike Force activity on Neomuna.

Additionally, these armor pieces may also be obtained as drops from Legend or Master Lost Sectors depending on which item drops on that rotation.


The new Exotic Grenade Launcher can be a game changer in the hands of almost any build, but Arc Builds tend to do much more with it.

Each character can easily get their hands on a piece of the new exotic pieces of armor as long as they can progress during the season.

Depending on your build, some of the armor pieces may do wonders, especially if you have found a way to add synergy with your build and the armor.

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