How to Get Ex Diris & It’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

Ex Diris (Season Pass Exotic Weapon) D2

“I have heralded disaster so often that my mere presence is an omen. So be it.” –Eris Morn

The Ex Diris is an Exotic Grenade Launcher that was introduced with the release of Season of the Witch, being available for players as a Seasonal Exotic Weapon.

This Grenade Launcher features a large ammo pool with a decent rate of fire, perfect for unloading explosive Arc damage to your enemies.

Aside from being able to deal a lot of damage with its primary hits, it also unleashes a small moth that blows up nearby enemies. 

How To Get Ex Diris?

The Ex Diris can be obtained by players who have reached Season Rank 35, allowing them to claim it from the Seasonal Rewards.

Those who have purchased the Seasonal Pass or similar offers will be able to claim the Ex Diris at Season Rank 1.

Ex Diris Perks

1) Volatile Launch (Launcher Barrel)

The Ex Diris is optimized for an especially explosive payload.

  • Greatly increases blast radius
  • Slightly decreases handling speed
  • Slightly decreases projectile speed

2) Nucleosynthetic Magazine (Magazine)

The Ex Diris has a magazine that continuously draws ammo from its reserve and also allows it to fire detonating Arc projectiles that explode on impact.

3) Loyal Moths (Trait)

Final blows with the Ex Diris create a loyal moth that seeks out nearby targets and detonates, which damages and blinds them.

4) Hand-Laid Stock (Stock)

The Ex Diris is optimized for recoil control.

  • Increases stability

Ex Diris Intrinsic Traits

Corrupted Nucleosynthesis

The Ex Diris becomes enraged for a short time when dealing or taking sustained damage, which causes it to gain an increased rate of fire for the duration.

Ex Diris Catalyst

Berserk Rush

After applying the Catalyst, Ex Diris will have Berserk Rush, which causes the weapon to enrage faster when you are Amplified.

When you defeat enemies with final blows with the Ex Diris, it causes the weapon to make you more Amplified as well.

How To Get Ex Diris Catalyst?

To get the Ex Diris Catalyst, you will need to first obtain the Exotic Grenade Launcher and may pick up an Exotic Quest called Grenade Logic.

Following the Grenade Logic quest will allow you to obtain the Catalyst, which will require you to complete certain objectives to unlock it.


The Ex Diris is a powerful weapon and quite agile too for a grenade launcher and it can be used by anyone if they want to blow things up.

It seems he was built for Arc Builds, based on it being reliant on Amplified if you want to make use of its Catalyst.

Catalyst or no Catalyst, the Ex Diris is good in different situations as players may use it in PVE to clear out enemies or PVP when they want to get nasty.

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