Destiny 2 Grenade Logic Quest Steps

After obtaining a Hive weapon known as the Ex Diris, Banshee-44 has a few steps for you that can help you unlock the full potential of the weapon.

You will need to test the weapon out in certain ways to calibrate it, which can lead to further improving it in terms of applying a Catalyst.

Most of this will involve taking out enemies quickly and you will need to do so without getting taken out yourself.

Grenade Logic (Ex Diris Exotic Quest) D2

How To Get Grenade Logic Quest?

You may obtain the Grenade Logic Exotic Quest by speaking to Banshee-44 after you have obtained the Ex Diris Exotic Grenade Launcher.

The Ex Diris may be obtained once players reach Season Rank 35 during the Season of the Witch or at Season Rank 1 if they have purchased the Season Pass or equivalent.

Grenade Logic Quest StepsGrenade Logic Quest Info

Step 1: Recreate the Ex Diris catalyst by defeating multiple targets with rapid succession and defeating targets without dying.

You will need to head out to any destination and defeat 20 enemies in quick succession, which doesn’t mean all 20 in a row.

This just means that you need to defeat multiple enemies several times and this objective is separate from the part where you need to avoid dying.

You will need to kill 25 enemies in a row without dying and this can easily be done in places like the EDZ or Lost Sectors.

  • Defeat 20 targets in quick succession
  • Defeat 25 targets without dying

Step 2: Calibrate data and defeat targets while using Ex Diris

Now that you have gone through the initial steps in preparing the weapon, it’s time to calibrate its data, which requires a bit of grinding.

You will need to do Vanguard Operations, Gambit, and Crucible matches or complete Seasonal playlist activities to progress.

  • Calibrate Data (200 Points)
  • Defeat Targets (Reach 100% progress)

Step 3: Speak to Banshee-44

After completing all the required steps, head back to Banshee-44 and he will help you improve your weapon by providing you with its Catalyst.

Grenade Logic Quest Rewards

After completing the Grenade Logic Exotic Quest, you will be rewarded with the Ex Diris Catalyst, which provides Berserk Rush.

Berserk Rush causes the Ex Diris to enrage faster while you are Amplified and dealing final blows with the weapon will keep you amplified.


Even though the Ex Diris is known to be a Hive weapon that has been tampered with to allow you to use it, this weapon performs exceptionally well.

Taking out enemies in quick succession will not be hard thanks to its ammunition replenishing on its own and the radius of its projectile’s explosions.

Berserk Rush goes well with Arc Builds, providing you with a weapon that often becomes enraged and you with a lot of mobility.

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