How To Get Previous Season Rewards in Destiny 2

Season of the Witch is here and for those who have missed out on some of their rewards, you still have a chance to claim them from last season.

Since Season of the Deep is over, some players may have overlooked things a bit and have forgotten to take rewards, but they can still get them.

All it takes is a few steps in your browser and you can claim whatever rewards from the Season of the Deep you may have missed out on.

Previous Season Rewards D2

How To Check Previous Rewards?Checking Previous Rewards

To check your previous rewards, you will need to log into your Bungie account at and select Destiny 2.

Once you are into Destiny 2, click on your profile icon and this will open a menu where you can select Season Progress, which should be the first option.

You will be shown the current season but may select the previous season on the upper left, which in this case will be your rewards from Season of the Deep.

How To Claim Rewards?

Once you have opened the rewards sections, you can claim them by selecting them and confirming the claim option.

You may also select the rewards from below as they will be listed under “Unclaimed Rewards”, and they also show which rank they were unlocked.

By claiming these rewards online, they will be credited to your account, and you can see them in your inventory once you log in.

Selecting Characters

There is an option to choose your characters when checking your past season rewards but obtaining the rewards will be shared on your account.

This means that once you claim it, it will be claimed for all of the characters that you have regardless of their progression with quests, placements, and more.


There are other ways to get your previous rewards such as using Firefox extensions but obtaining them on the main site is easy as well.

Missing out on rewards that you earned in a previous season can be a real bummer but thankfully, Bungie allows you to still claim your previous rewards.

Just as with the previous seasons, the rewards you will be able to claim are based on the last Season Rank that you reached.

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