Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Seasonal Bonuses

Back then all we had were the Seasonal Challenges but with the previous seasons and Season of the Wish included, you get to reap more rewards.

The introduction of the Seasonal Bonuses provided Guardians with the ability to unlock features of the game such as crafting seasonal armor, weapons, and certain benefits.

These can all be unlocked naturally as you play through the season but can also be focused on to have an advantage before you focus on progressing.

Season of the Wish Bonuses

How To Check Seasonal Bonuses?

To check the Seasonal Bonus during Season of the Wish, open your Quest and select Season of the Wish challenges.

The Season of the Wish Seasonal Bonuses will be in the second menu of the Season of the Wish, which can be checked often to see what you need to complete.

After a challenge from the Seasonal Bonuses is complete, you can claim the rewards in the Seasonal Bonus menu.

All Season of the Wish Seasonal Bonuses

The following are all 9 of the Seasonal Bonuses that can be unlocked in Season 23 in Destiny 2, and these will remain even if the season has ended. (Similar to Season of the Deep)

1) Wishful Armor Focusing

Obtaining a full set of the Season of the Wish armor will allow you to focus Wish Engrams into separate high-stat armor from the season.

2) Wishful Weapon Focusing

Similar to Wishful Armor Focusing, obtaining 6 of any of the Season of the Wish weapons will unlock the ability to focus Wish Engrams into Season of the Wish or reprised Undying weapons.

3) Wishcrafting

Clearing 8 pathways in the Riven’s Lair playlist or The Coil will unlock a bonus that causes your first Wish Weapon engram that is focused on having a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance weekly.

4) Solcrafting

Defeating Vex enemies with reprised Undying Weapons until you progress to 100% for this bonus will cause your first Undying Weapon focused each week to have a Deepsight Resonance.

5) Wishful Generosity

Upon reaching Rank 10 with the Spirit of Riven, you will be granted additional Wish Engrams whenever one is rewarded.

6) Wishful Keys

After redeeming 8 Lair Keys, you will be unlocking a bonus that provides you with a chance to get an additional Wish Engram when you redeem a Lair Key.

7) Key Crafting

Completing The Coil activity will unlock a bonus that provides you with a Deepsight Resonance Seasonal Weapon when you redeem a Lair Key.

8) Well Wishes

Completing the Blind Well event unlocks a bonus that provides you with a Wish Engram or high-stat seasonal armor each week when participating in the Blind Well (Tier 3.)

9) Your Wishes, My Commands

Purchasing Tier 2 or Higher Dragon’s Gifts in The Coils provides you with additional Tier 2 and 3 gifts, with both containing an additional option.


Seasonal Bonuses are a great way to get more as you continuously play the game, and it is best to complete them as soon as possible to reap more rewards during the season.

As you progress through the quest and do seasonal activities, most of these challenges will unlock on their own and you may simply claim them.

Since the Season of the Wish is active and has Seasonal Activities that can easily be completed, the Seasonal Challenges do not require that much effort to complete.

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2 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Seasonal Bonuses”

  1. is there anyway of knowing which ones have been completed? I have 8 of 9 completed and do not know which one remains


    • If a Seasonal Challenge has been completed, you will be able to claim the reward (Title is changed to “Claim Reward”) when viewing them. You can also see the progress by the bar below the description of the challenges or hover over them for more details such as the percentage that is complete or how much more of a certain objective needs to be done. Once you have claimed the reward for a challenge, a check will appear at its bottom right corner and its box will also be darkened. I hope this answers your question.


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