How To Get The Witcher Emblem in Destiny 2

It looks like Destiny 2 and The Witcher Series just had a crossover and now you can enjoy defeating your enemies with an old-fashioned Hexer getup.

Several items connect to The Witcher franchise and one of these can be obtained for free, which is the “Never Lost, Always Found” emblem.

This phrase may sound familiar as it is tied to The Witcher and now you can get the emblem for free by completing an easy triumph.

The Witcher Emblem D2

How To Get Never Lost Never Found Emblem?

To obtain the emblem, you will need to complete a triumph that was introduced in the Season of the Wish called Swords and Signs.

This triumph can be viewed by opening your Journey Menu and selecting Secrets in the Season of the Wish section.

Completing the triumph requires that you defeat 100 enemies with Swords and defeat 50 enemies using Solar Melee attacks. (Uncharged attacks do not count)

Fastest Way To Unlock The Witcher EmblemSolar Melee task

When you come to think of it, the 100 Sword task is easy as you can defeat enemies with a single hit and just rerun missions or do Lost Sectors.

It may be more tedious for players to complete the Solar Melee task because of the limited area of effect of Solar Melee attacks and their cooldown.

There is a way to bypass this though, you can equip any Solar Melee of your liking and use the Heat Rises Solar Aspect.

Heat Rises allows you to quickly regenerate your Solar Melee ability if you get kills while airborne and it also allows you to fire weapons, do melees, and more in the air.

How To Claim Swords and Signs Triumph?

Once you have gotten 100 Sword and 50 Solar Melee kills, it’s time to collect the Signs and Swords triumph to get that Witcher Emblem.

To do this, go to the triumph as mentioned above by going on Journey and selecting Secrets from the Season of the Wish tab.

Click on the triumph once you see it and it will reward you with the emblem, which you can find in your inventory in the Appearance Subscreen.

How To Equip the Witcher Emblem?

After claiming the triumph and getting the emblem, you can equip it by opening your inventory and heading into the Appearance Subscreen.

Hover or select the emblems (first option in the Appearance Subscreen) and select the “Never Lost, Never Found” emblem and it will be equipped.

The emblem will be available for only one Guardian, but you can always move it to your vault and grab it after swapping.


The Witcher 3 is mostly remembered for the additions that were added into Season of the Wish, which include cosmetic armor, ships, and even the famous bathtub emote.

While most of the additions related to The Witcher come at the cost of Silver, the emblem is completely free for those who complete the triumph.

It seems that only one character may use the emblem and that swapping is the only way to get it for your other characters since the triumph will be complete for all of them.

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